Saturday 11th Jul, 2020

Improving safety in solids level and volume measurement

The Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner. Photo: Emerson

The Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner has new features that eliminate the need for manual surveys of material distribution.

Emerson has introduced new features to the Rosemount 5708 3D Solids Scanner to help users optimise the measurement of stored grain, cement, food stocks and other solids.

The scanner’s new centre of gravity (COG) feature generates an alert when material has moved out of its defined COG space.

The scanner is able to continuously measure the volume of material in very large vessels, overcoming dust and decreasing the need for maintenance. In addition it provides 3D visualisation of material allocation.

The new Virtual Sections feature helps to optimise filling and emptying processes by dividing a large vessel into as many as 99 individually-monitored sections that will provide the user with average, minimum and maximum level for each section. This enables better understanding of material flow and movement, and filling points can then be switched to ensure even distribution of material across the whole surface area. This eliminates the need for manual surveys of material distribution, thereby improving worker safety.

The Rosemount 3D Solids Scanner provides accurate volume measurement in very large vessels by using multiple scanners, enabling continuous production with real-time measurement.

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