Sunday 5th Jul, 2020

Inland Rail link with Port of Brisbane to supercharge trade

John Holland has acquired RCR Tomlinson Group’s rail business in late December 2018, after the engineering firm was placed into voluntary administration.
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The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) has applauded the recent release of the ‘SEQ City Deal Proposition’ by the Queensland Government and south-east Queensland (SEQ) Council of Mayors, saying if implemented it could result in dramatically fewer truck movements on SEQ roads.

The proposal includes ‘supercharging’ the SEQ Trade and Enterprise Spine by connecting the Port of Brisbane to Inland Rail.

“I congratulate the State Government and SEQ Councils on their vision to support SEQ’s continued growth and economic prosperity without compromising the region’s enviable lifestyle and sense of community,” PBPL Chief Executive Officer Roy Cummins said.

“As the SEQ City Deal Proposition states, connecting the Port of Brisbane to Inland Rail via a Port Connection is crucial to this. We can supercharge our supply chain network while also transferring containerised freight from road to rail, potentially taking millions of trucks off our roads,” Cummins said.

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“That means less traffic congestion, safer roads, less pollution, and a lower cost supply chain network.”

“Put simply, a dedicated freight rail connection to the Port of Brisbane could be an economic, social and environmental game changer for south-east Queensland, and we stand ready to work with all Governments in order to see it delivered.”

“Population and trade growth are intrinsically linked, which is why the Port of Brisbane and the way freight moves around our region is central to this region’s economic future. Managing this growth sustainably and responsibly is core to the Port of Brisbane’s mission, which is why we strongly support today’s announcement.

“We welcome the Federal Government’s comments indicating its willingness to work with the state and local governments on this important bipartisan initiative. We must all work together to make a Port Connection and the broader SEQ City Deal a reality,” Cummins said.