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Introducing RimoMalt, a modular and standardised malting plant

ABHR looks at RimoMalt from Bühler, a modular and standardised malting plant that offers versatility to the grain handling sector.

The RimoMalt provides versatility to customers through its production capacity, full modularity, and customisable product range. Manufactured by Bühler, customers can trust that RimoMalt has the company’s high standards when it comes to quality.

Offering a sustainable approach to malt production, the RimoMalt can produce a product range including barely, wheat, rye and other grain solutions on request.

Customer can work with the Bühler dedicated support team and who will collaborate with contractors to ensure the best tailored solution, which results in a swift and efficient plant installation. For the installation, customers only need to provide the concrete base, as Bühler provides the RimoMalt with a manufacturing time of less than 12 months.

Other key features of the RimoMalt include:

  • No building is required; the RimoMalt is designed for outdoor installation.
  • The RimoMalt can be extended easily according to customer requirements.
  • It has an annual capacity of 1,000 to 17,000 tonnes of malt.
  • Strong modularity and flexibility.
  • No high-pressure cleaning is required.
  • The plant control system for the RimoMalt uses minimum energy to reach optimum speed.

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