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Investing locally reaps rewards for Reliable Conveyor Belt

Reliable Conveyor Belt has invested in local people and local communities to build its successful business. ABHR learns how this paid off.

When it comes to service and support, Reliable Conveyor Belt is a “bit old-fashioned”.

Shane Burley, the chief executive officer for Reliable Conveyor Belt, said the business is focused on providing a localised service, employing people on the doorstep of its customers.

“We’re probably a bit old-fashioned in that sense. We think it is really important to invest in the local communities and those areas,” he said.

“We employ local people; we buy locally in those areas, and we think that is really important.”

This methodology has seen the company develop six branches in New South Wales, a specialised service branch named Alliance Conveyor in Mackay and a Western Australian branch called West Coast Conveyor Services.

Reliable Conveyor Belt is a distributor of Maxi-Lift Bucket Elevators and accessories. Alongside stocking key components, new pulleys and a refurbishment service, the company can deliver a complete turnkey solution for bucket elevators.

Burley told ABHR that Reliable’s versatile product offering was enhanced by the company’s well-known customer service. Staff are trained internally to ensure each worker understands the company’s “unwavering” commitment to health, safety and quality.

There can be significant risk to the plant and workers during the installation or replacement of the bucket elevator if it is not handled correctly.

Employees have been engaged in customer problems ranging from evaluating existing bucket elevator design, upgrading design to meet new capacity demands and verifying existing bucket elevator designs. 

Reliable Conveyor Belt is an Australian company. Image: Reliable Conveyor Belt

Across a wide range of industries, Reliable’s employees have performed engineering upgrades, system capacity checks, and component supply for bucket elevators, conveyor belts, and Maxi Splice for joining.

Burley said the company was positioned to offer customers support across the lifecycle of their bulk handling set-up through its eight branches.

“We think that is one of our competitive advantages; a lot of our management team are conveyor people, and we’ve cut our teeth in the conveyor industry,” he said.

“We’re really focused on ensuring that knowledge flows down through the business and helping develop others within the business.

“Because we have many branches, we have a large management team, but we see that as an advantage because we have a lot of expertise within that team.”

Maxi-Lift is a US-based manufacturer. Image: Reliable Conveyor Belt

The partnership between Reliable Conveyor Belt and Maxi-Lift began after the former acquired a business in Gunnedah. While it was new to Reliable, they were impressed by Maxi-Lift’s offering and how it could help customers.

The US-based manufacturer offers full-scale support to Reliable Conveyor Belt and its Australian customers. As a result, the company has access to more than 700 different bucket sizes, shapes, and materials to help create the best set-up for a customer’s application.

Burley said Maxi-Lift’s commitment to products with a longer life and better reliability resulted in a lower total cost of ownership for customers.

“We think it is a world-class product, and they certainly pride themselves on that. We have a lot of confidence in the product,” Burley said.

“The support they give us in terms regarding engineering support and product information is excellent as well.”

While bucket elevators are popular in the grain handling and agricultural sectors, they are versatile enough to work in other applications. Reliable services bucket elevators for customers nationwide and clients in the beef industry.

In working with customers across different industries, Reliable Conveyor Belt takes a specified approach to understanding their needs. The company’s team conducts an audit of the customer’s set-up and operational goals to advise on the best strategy and can then service the customer through to project commissioning.

Reliable Conveyor Belt’s sales manager Patrick Darwen said this is why customers treat the company as a trusted advisor.

“When you’re looking for a one-stop shop, that is the attitude we have towards it, and I know that a lot of our customers really value that,” Darwen said.

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