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Johns out of restructured GrainCorp

GrainCorp shed at the Port of Portland. Photo: David Sexton

Agribusiness GrainCorp will create a single Grains business unit from its existing Storage & Logistics and Marketing businesses, as part of a corporate restructure which will see the departure of Neil Johns after three decades at the business.

GrainCorp managing director Mark Palmquist said the company had spoken with many of its growers and buyers before making the decision.

“Customer feedback has been clear: we need to make our customer experience more consistent, to reflect the steady evolution of their needs since deregulation,” he said.

“The modern grower is sharply focused on marketing opportunities and maximising the value of their grain, while processors are becoming more demanding about the specific functional characteristics they require.

“This change will mean we are better able to strategically target and create value opportunities for our customers.”

The change will see the departure of Neil Johns, currently the group general manager of Storage & Logistics.

“Neil has played a significant role in making GrainCorp the diversified company it is today through his role in the acquisitions of the Malt and Oils businesses and through making significant improvements to our Australian operations.

“I thank him for his major contribution and join with all our staff in wishing him every success in the future.”

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