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Kinder Australia backs Bulk Awards

ABHR finds out why the company has decided to support the best dust control technology, application, or practice award.

Kinder Australia has announced it will support the 2024 Australian Bulk Handling Awards to help give back to the industry.

The company has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and has long been a supporter of the Australian Bulk Handling Expo.

Kinder Australia is an engineered solutions supplier for the bulk handling industry, specialising in transfer points, material flow, and dust protection. In 2022, the company won the award for Supplier of the Year.

Now, it will support the upcoming awards by sponsoring the outstanding dust control technology, application, or practice award.

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Sam Veal, sales and marketing manager at Kinder Australia, said the award highlights a field that resonates deeply with the company and reflects its core value of innovation.

“Dust is a by-product for almost all bulk material handling industries,” he said.

“Kinder eagerly look forward to supporting and embracing dust containment and preventative solutions that will further elevate this remarkable industry that they are proud to be a part of.”

The team at Kinder Australia understands there are significant issues that arise if dust is mismanaged. The consequences of poor containment of dust can be detrimental on every level – whether it be risk to personal safety, the environment, and to the conveyor equipment itself.

Identifying the areas where dust is most likely to escape is the key to understanding how to contain it. Kinder has a team of field application specialists and engineers, visiting sites in person to gain a firsthand experience of the site conditions and a deeper understanding of the key productivity issues that operators face.

Kinder’s engineering team have developed specialised dust-prevention products including managing impact load zones with belt support technology, as well as skirting and sealing solutions, and belt covers. It’s Essential Seal range comprises of a selection of top-performing products, chosen for their combined effectiveness.

Veal said Kinder’s commitment to dust management is ingrained in its values, serving as the driving force behind their innovative solutions. 

“With a focus on safety, reliability, and performance, Kinder Australia has become a trusted partner to many of the leading players in the bulk materials handling industry,” he said.

“The industry holds immense potential for the emergence of exciting new technologies that can drive positive change in the bulk materials handling industry.”

Nominations for the 2024 Australian Bulk Handling Awards are open until Friday 5 July, 2024. The award winners will be announced at a gala dinner on 18 September, in Melbourne. It will run in conjunction with the MHD Mercury Awards Gala dinner, which highlights best practices in Australia’s logistics industry, and the Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK2024).

The Australian Society of Bulk Solids Handling (ASBSH) has partnered with the event and will present two awards on the night, the AW Roberts Award and the ASBSH Award. 

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