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Kinder Australia’s K-Containment Seal keeps material contained

Material spillage is a major productivity issue, especially at unstable areas such as the transfer point.

If material is not contained properly, the results can be hazardous, creating piles to trip over and slip on.

Clean-up and maintenance can be costly and lengthy. The belt is also at risk of misalignment and damage.

The basic belt without a seal is ineffective in controlling spillage and an unsupported belt alone attempting to contain the full weight of material load would be vastly inadequate.

The K-Containment Seal is a high-performance conveyor skirting solution.

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Engineered with low friction polyurethane, the K-Containment Seal is resistant to wear. Featuring a slotted arrangement, which allows for easy installation adjustment. This is added protection so that the material cannot be entrapped, leading to premature belt damage.

The lightweight K-Containment Seal should be installed inside the chute (transfer point) and continue to where it becomes more stable. This is to handle the high internal chute pressure, therefore reducing the load on the skirting seal. To maximise the success of the outer seal/skirting, the loading area must be properly supported.

The steel-backed polyurethane can be supplied bevelled or straight edged. The K-Containment Seal is also available in fire retardant, fire resistant and anti-static formulas.

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