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Kinder’s idler frames help protect conveyors

Kinder Australia has developed a range of idler frames to ensure the backbone of a conveyor system is correctly configured.

Kinder Australia has developed a range of idler frames to ensure the backbone of a conveyor system is correctly configured.

Idler frames play a fundamental role. If they are not well profiled and positioned, the belt is at increased risk of misalignment.

Misalignment can lead to uneven wear and damage to the conveyor belt itself, or disastrous material spillage. This can lead to expensive productivity and maintenance losses.

Kinder’s applications and engineering team provides assistance through proactive site analysis and audits. They can check a site’s framework from all angles to ensure it is level and square, while also tracking misalignment risk.

The team can also recommend the ideal frame to fit, to provide an optimal and supported conveyor.

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Kinder’s selection of idler frames cover a wide range of applications depending on what the conveyor requires to operate efficiently.

Adjustable Conveyor Trough Frames can be installed at the head and/or tail transition zones of all types of conveyors. They replace the need to have an already predetermined mounting/feet hole pitch and/or position, whilst using fixed angle transition frames. They are available as both inline and offset configuration.

The K-Retractable Idler/Impact Frame and K- HD Retractable Impact Frame allows conveyor rollers to be changed under conveyor transfer loading chutes without the idler frames being laid down or removed. The bottom bracket remains aligned whilst the upper bracket of the base is retracted exiting from the side. The K-Retractable Idler/Impact Frames range cover all belt widths and trough angles, inline or offset configurations, and are suitable for all bulk material handling applications. The K-HD Retractable Impact Frames are applicable for high-capacity bulk materials handling industries, including the toughest quarrying/mining applications.

Kinder’s K-Ergo Swift Return Idler Frame makes roller change outs quick and seamless, with access to only one side of the conveyor required. The specialised flip down design eliminates the need for belt jacks as the belt does not need to be raised out of the way to lower the frame. It is ideal for conveyors which have maintenance access from one side and can be custom built to suit a range of belt widths.

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