Thursday 18th Aug, 2022

LINAK designs electric linear actuators for grain handling

Electric linear actuators are becoming more and more common on industrial equipment, including for grain handling applications. ABHR speaks to Andrew Cooper from LINAK Australia to find out why.

Electric linear actuator systems manufacturer LINAK’s Techline range is providing grain handling facilities with reliable and precise movement.

When compared with AC motors, LINAK’s pneumatic and hydraulic systems actuators are a low-energy, cost and resource reductive alternative.

They are easy to install and require no maintenance as there are no hoses, filters, or pumps. It is even possible to replace an entire AC motor/ gearbox, pneumatic or hydraulic system with a single electric actuator, which provides fully integrated control, feedback, and built-in limit switches.

Electric actuators can easily be integrated into sophisticated control systems using data bus communication, and they have a high self-locking ability that will support a safe working environment for the operator.

The actuators have ICEx/ATEX dust explosion certification, accurate position control, analogue or digital feedback, and available system monitoring, allowing them to withstand the harsh environment of grain facilities and replace manual labour in high-risk areas.

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TECHLINE offers electric actuator solutions for opening and closing grain doors, diverting, blending, and transporting grain around grain handling facilities.

LINAK’s solutions provide precise blending due to the accurate positioning of valves and grain doors.

The actuators also ensure an efficient transporting process in the grain elevator with advanced feedback solutions reducing the risk of overloading the system.

With thrusts up to 15,000 N, max speeds up to 160 mm/s, and strokes between 20 and 999 mm, the actuators are highly adaptable for various applications.

Industrial actuators with heavy-duty aluminium housing are suitable for corrosive environments.

LINAK’s actuators been salt spray and chemical resistance tested and approved for ratings up to IP66 and PI69k static, these actuators will work reliably for years, even when exposed to salt, water, wind, and sun.

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