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LINAK launches lifespan calculator

Linear actuator manufacturer LINAK is launching a B10 lifetime calculator to help its customers predict the lifespan of its actuators.

Linear actuator manufacturer LINAK is launching a B10 lifespan calculator to help its customers predict the lifespan of its actuators.

Predicting the lifespan of integrated actuators can be challenging, as different applications and conditions place varying demands on components.

The calculator determines the B10 life based on a combination of real-life testing data and specific user needs. This means it is possible to confidently estimate the lifetime of a LINAK actuator in any specific application.

LINAK Business Development Manager Soren Buck said the lifetime calculator will be a great help for end users with actuators located in places that are hard to access as knowing the service life of the equipment can prevent downtime of the whole application.

To achieve an accurate life-cycle prediction, a substantial amount of test cycle data is required, and LINAK has devoted test centre capacity and time to reach the required data levels.

Buck and his team began B10-testing with the LA36 actuator, where groups of actuators were tested in different setups.

“We ran all the actuators to the breaking point. When they were all ‘dead’, we used performance data for each of the actuators to calculate the B10 lifetime curves,” he said. “If you know the LA36, you know how durable it is… It took quite a long time to wear them down.”

Even though B10 lifetime is based on statistics, the results of the estimations are highly qualified, and the life expectancy of an actuator can be confidently estimated.

B10 means that a minimum 90 per cent of the actuators specified for an application will meet or exceed their predicted lifetime when used in accordance with product specification, whereas a maximum of 10 per cent might fail.

Knowing the service life of an actuator is relevant and adds value to all fields of application as everyone can benefit from knowing what to expect from their actuator.

The B10 lifetime calculator is now available on the LINAK website for the LA36 actuator, where customers simply enter their load and stroke specifications to receive an instant prediction of the chosen actuator’s lifetime. The lifetime calculation can be made with both fixed and varying loads.

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