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Metso launches innovative cone crusher

After a March 2017 unveiling at a Las Vegas construction industry trade show, Metso has just locally launched the MX4, first model of its new cone crusher series.

According to Metso, MX is the first Multi-Action cone crusher on the market. The company says it combines the high reduction ratios of demanding mining applications with the end-product shape and consistency critical in aggregate applications. Metso’s engineering team says that the MX cone crusher was designed with one objective in mind – making the machine owner’s business more profitable than ever before.


Patented Multi-Action technology

Peter Newfield, Metso Australia’s head of marketing & communications, says that the company’s patented Multi-Action technology is a “revolutionary” way to automatically optimise crusher operation.

Newfield says the MX is able to simultaneously adjust its setting with a rotating bowl above its cavity and a hydraulic piston inside the machine’s fixed shaft. Dynamic setting adjustments can be made when the crusher is operating under full load conditions without the need to stop production. Both rotating bowl and piston adjustments are fully automated, so no human intervention is required.

The MX also provides a maximised tramp release distance, delivering high levels of protection against uncrushable objects and overloading. Protection is optimised under all conditions, even with completely new wear parts.


More uptime and lower operating costs

According to Newfield, the MX with its Multi-Action technology is the most cost-efficient crusher on the market.

“It enables operational cost savings of 10% or more compared with traditional cone crushers,” he said. “Savings in wear components coupled with an effective and continuous crushing action, provide an unbeatable starting point to bring down the cost per ton in any quarry or mining application.

“The new machine’s uptime is significantly better than traditional cone crushers. The MX’s Multi-Action design allows dynamic setting adjustment and wear composition with its hydraulic piston, minimising interruptions to production. It also provides rapid, fully automated protection via its rotating bowl. The combination of rotating bowl and piston adjustment enables optimised wear part utilisation.”

The MX features a robust design that is based on Metso’s experience over the years with its Nordberg MP, HP and GP Series cone crushers. The new crusher is designed for the most challenging operating conditions with very hard and abrasive feed material.

“One of the big advantages of the MX are its quick and easy wear component change-outs,” said Newfield. “All the wear parts are accessible from the top of the machine, allowing a complete change-out in just two to three hours.”


Up to 70% wear part utilisation

Metso says that the MX delivers record breaking wear parts utilisation rates. The crusher can use up to 70% of the mass of new wear parts.

“Optimal cavity design, stroke direction and an effectively distributed crushing action are combined to provide a highly optimised rock-on-rock crushing motion,” explained Newfield. “Together with the machine’s Multi-Action technology, this results in extended intervals between maintenance and higher production rates. Quality characteristics of all sized end-product fractions stay consistent throughout the lifetime of wear parts.”


Selective production

Newfield says that the smart optimisation of Metso Multi-Action technology is the key to reaching desired end-product shape and particle size distribution while eliminating waste. End products can be measured as often as 10 times per second and shown directly on the crusher’s automation display. Operators can control and automate parameters such as material cavity level, crusher speed, power setting and piston pressure.

Crushing quality can be monitored via Metso’s ‘VisioRock’ which measures real-time production through a photo particle size analyser that is connected to the crusher’s automation system.


Technology proven in the ‘real world’

As part of its MX development program, Metso has described a pre-launch field testing period. It says machines were secretly tested in four different countries. “By the time of the global launch in Las Vegas, the test machines had completed a combined operational time of more than 10,000 hours,” said Newfield.

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