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Mining engineers ‘most employable’ graduates

Work at the Bulga mine. Photo: Glencore

The University of Queensland says mining engineer graduates have the highest rate of employment over the last 30 years.

Citing a study from Graduate Careers Australia, University of Queensland head of mining engineering Peter Knights says mining engineering graduates had an employability index of 92.3% between 1982 and 2015.

The study also showed civil engineers to have 88.8% employability, and electrical engineers scoring 86.2%.

Knights said the statistics were evidence the education sector should maintain its rate of producing mining engineers, despite recent downturns.

“We need to ensure the sector can meet to growing demand for new graduates ready to take on the challenges of modern mining in a developing economy,” Professor Knights said.

“Australia is the world’s largest exporter of iron ore and coal, and Queensland is the largest coal-exporting state.

“Around two thirds of all Queensland coal is used to produce steel, and with the growth of megacities in Asia, the coal industry and resultant steel production will continue to be of vital importance.”

Knights said the University of Queensland was leading the way with a multidisciplinary, industry-focused approach to teaching mining engineering.

“We cover all phases of mining operations, from exploration and discovery through to feasibility, development, production, processing and marketing, and land restoration and rehabilitation,” he said.

“The global ‘smart mining market’ – involving automated equipment, hardware and software – is forecast to grow by about 15% annually until 2024, and will also bring broader benefits.”

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