Friday 29th May, 2020

Minprovise processes an end-to-end future

With Minprovise’s all-encompassing skills in minerals processing, it is no surprise that the company is chasing a bigger goal: to be an end-to-end solution provider.

With Minprovise’s all-encompassing skills in minerals processing, it is no surprise that the company is chasing a bigger goal: to be an end-to-end solution provider.

Minprovise is on track to make project execution easier and smoother for its clients in the mining, bulk handling and infrastructure industries.

The specialist equipment and services provider is in the process of consolidating its expertise through the establishment of its new Project Services division.
Minprovise has built a solid pipeline of on-site maintenance, shutdown work and fabrication jobs since founder Graham Townsend established the company in 2004.

The company initially focussed on the installation, maintenance and shutdown services of crushers, before expanding its expertise into other areas of fixed plant including apron feeders, screens and belt filters. It further increased its product and services offering through partnering with OEMs to supply equipment, parts and products that were complimentary to the current suite of services.

“Our skills grew as the number of people in the business grew,” Minprovise’s Executive General Manager, Projects and Value-added Services Nino Fasolo says.

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It is now within the company’s capacity to integrate these strengths into a broader solution offering for its existing clients, enabling increased efficiency and productivity for projects.

The company has enjoyed rapid expansion over the past 12 months and Minprovise’s long-term strategy of providing an end-to-end solution for clients has led to the creation of the Project Services division to further support this growth.

“We decided to go top-down: What do we need to do to set up a new business division?” Fasolo explains.

“We appointed an accomplished Projects Director and went on to create an organisation structure that encompassed the skills and expertise required to deliver an end-to-end solution to our clients”.

This has included the appointment of an engineering manager and execution managers. Minprovise also employs mechanical, structural and electrical experts in these sub-divisions who are responsible for launching the projects won by the company, on time and within budget.

“Minprovise has such a nimble management team. We have an entrepreneurial way of thinking that feeds off how our owner Graham Townsend has conducted the business since 2004,” Fasolo says.

“We tend to think and act pretty quickly, including the way we’re setting this division up for success. We have all the resources to back what we promise to deliver.”

Minprovise’s new division complements and builds on its core capabilities and services.

Fasolo says the number of projects coming online and expansions being considered, the demand in the market to provide project services, equipment and products has increased.

“This [high demand for quotes] is actually the biggest challenge we’re facing right now, where we are responding to quotes on a daily basis,” he says.

Even taking into account the high demand, Minprovise is equipped with skilled employees and the appropriate tools to meet clients’ needs.

Minprovise has the ability to offer design, engineering, supply, fabrication, installation and commissioning services and on-site maintenance all in-house, which helps to give them an edge in the market. This also enables Minprovise to build, own and operate plants, on the basis of a cost-per-tonne arrangement. The Project Services division will oversee and execute these projects.

With any growth within an organisation comes an ongoing need for diligence in health and safety practises and procedures, which Fasolo says Minprovise is prepared to stay on top of.

“We’re proactive in all levels of the business, to the extent of our executive team dedicating a lot of their time in the field to ensure that people stay safe and are compliant with health and safety regulations,” Fasolo says.

Minprovise is not only capable of winning bigger projects that require a safe delivery of end-to-end solutions but is also geographically advantaged with branches throughout Western Australia.

The organisation now boasts four major locations throughout the state, with three business divisions and workshops in Perth’s industrial hub of Welshpool and a fourth located in Karratha for Pilbara-based projects and time efficiencies.

These locations each consolidate and expand on Minprovise’s continuously expanding list of capabilities, with corrosion control, abrasive paint and blasting and scaffolding hire services as new additions in the last six months.

Fasolo is optimistic about Minprovise’s prospects for the rest of 2020. He foresees “a lot of growth” ahead for the company as the concept of the new division gains traction.

“There are a lot of projects that we’re working on at the moment – a lot of industry expansion in the infrastructure side of things – positioning Minprovise as part of that growth,” Fasolo says.

“I’m confident we’ll pick up our fair share of those projects going forward.”