Moving on

Australian Bulk Handling Review (ABHR) editor, Charles Macdonald is leaving the magazine after a 13-year tenure.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my role at Australian Bulk Handling Review,” said Charles. “I’ve learned a lot about the diverse industry that is bulk handling – from massive overland conveyors to high-tolerance powder handling applications.

“I’ve met a lot of very capable people and have made some good friends in the industry.

“It’s been fascinating to see the ups and downs affecting different parts of the industry. The mining boom was an obvious fillip to those targeting the resources sector, while the hangover was painful. Hopefully policymakers can boost the country’s advanced manufacturing and food processing sectors which I think might assist the powder handling and pneumatic sectors.”

Charles will enjoy a five-month sabbatical, mainly in the Scottish Hebrides, before returning to the world of work in October.

“I’d like to wish the very best to my colleagues at Australian Bulk Handling Review.”

Next week: meet your new editor.

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