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Munson boasts efficiency, speed of new rotary batch mixer

Miniature Rotary Batch Mixer blends batches up to 28L, or 45 kg, of dry bulk ingredients, with or without liquid additions, in two to three minutes, fully evacuates the batch and cleans rapidly.

US machinery firm Munson says its new miniature rotary batch mixer can mix up to 28 litres, or 45kg, of product in just three minutes.

Munson says its new model MX-1-SS can handle up to 28L of dry bulk ingredients, with or without liquid additions, and can mix them in ratios down to one part per million, with total uniformity, in two to three minutes, regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients.

Munson says the mixer is equally efficient down to 5% of rated capacity (1.4 litres), making it suitable for accurately determining outcomes when scaled up to larger rotary batch mixers.

The mixer is constructed primarily of stainless steel with brass components, while parts produced from other metals, such as the motor shaft, are shielded with stainless steel.

Munson says the mixer is also equipped with grounding lugs, and is powered by a gear-reduced TEXP (Totally Enclosed Explosion Proof) industrial electric motor.

“Proprietary mixing flights within the rotating drum gently tumble, turn, cut and fold material, and evacuate blended batches through a stationary plug gate valve with no segregation or residual “heel” of material remaining,” Munson told ABHR.

The company is offering six miniature rotary batch mixer models, in maximum batch capacities of 7 to 425 litres – 1 to 544kg. The company also offers a large-scale mixer line.




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