Sunday 11th Apr, 2021

Munson launches new sanitary rotary batch mini mixer

Munson Machinery has launched a new sanitary rotary batch mini mixer on a mobile frame, which can de-agglomerate and blend up to 142 litres of dry bulk ingredients with or without liquid additions at multiple plant locations.

The MX-5-S316L can achieve uniformity in two to three minutes, regardless of disparities in the bulk density, particle size, flow characteristics or ratio of batch ingredients down to one part per million.

For dry materials it is equally efficient down to 15 per cent of rated capacity, while allowing small-scale testing prior to blending at full capacity or scaling up to high-capacity rotary batch mixers.

Proprietary mixing flights within the rotating vessel turn, cut, fold and tumble material onto a rotating intensifier that reduces soft agglomerates into discrete particles.

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The 0.75 kilowatt gear-reduced drive of the vessel and 1.5 kilowatt-drive of the intensifier are wash-down rated, and adjusted by variable-frequency controls housed in an IP 66-equivalent stainless steel wash-down enclosure.

The mixer is equipped with a product inlet slide for ease of feeding from bags or boxes, and an inlet-mounted spray line that allows liquid additions to be spread over a wide bed of moving material in large or trace amounts for rapid, uniform distribution. Blended batches are discharged completely through a breech-lock plug gate with no segregation or residual waste.

The unit can be rolled to a cleaning station and accessed through a hinged door on the vessel side wall for unobstructed wash down and visual inspection of all interior surfaces.

Munson Munson offer six Rotary Batch Mini Mixer models with maximum batch capacities of 7 to 425 litres or 1 to 544 kilograms.