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NetterVibration Australia is getting things moving

ABHR speaks to NetterVibration Australia managing director John Isherwood to learn why the German manufacturer established a dedicated local branch.

John Isherwood has worked with NetterVibration products for more than 20 years as the general manager of the original import agent and with vibration generally for over 35.

The German company had supplied its products to Australia through the agent since the 1970s but decided to change its strategy in 2019.

NetterVibration approached Isherwood with a proposition: lead the company through a joint venture called NetterVibration Australia. 

“The branch is a part of NetterVibration, but now we sell directly to the customer,” he said.

“We set up an office and a warehouse in Mandurah, south of Perth, and have more than doubled our turnover over the past three years.”

NetterVibration Australia’s range includes electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic vibrators, with force outputs from 14N to in excess of 170,000N.

One size does not fit all, however, which is why the business works with the customer to find the most efficient and economical model for the specific application.

Whether it’s to help product move from hoppers or chutes, or to act as drives for vibrating feeders and compaction tables, Isherwood said NetterVibration can help choose the right model from their range of 4000 models.

“Anybody who has a storage bin – whether its flour, uranium or iron ore – will have to deal with hang-ups and blockages,” he said.

“The material properties can also change if there’s a change in moisture, or particle size.

“If something doesn’t come out the bottom of the bin when it should, you could bang it with a stick, but that’s not safe or effective.”

The self-contained vibrators require only suitable lubrication, with many available as lubrication free, to ensure they continue working properly. 

The vibrators are manufactured to extremely high quality in Europe, with ATEX rating as standard on most electric models, and rating 1 and 2 available to order on all models. Stainless steel versions are available for food industries and for aggressive atmospheres.

“NetterVibration has a very good reputation around the world. It has been manufacturing vibrators for almost 70 years, and you can rely on the European standards of quality,” he said.

“Over that time, the business has only focused on vibration and improving its products. It’s developed specialist expertise and understands what works and what doesn’t.

“It’s a global company, with seven branches and about 40 agents located around the world that share knowledge and support.”

The vibrators are also often found in trucks, as the vibration during transport can cause bulk materials to compact. 

Isherwood said the company is continuing to grow in the Australian market, with Australian manufacture of vibrating feeders and compaction tables, specifically designed to meet the needs of each client.

“We’re working close with clients to help them achieve optimum outcomes in their processes. 

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