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New conveyor facility key to ‘unlocking opportunities’ for Bundaberg

The Port of Bundaberg’s new bulk goods conveyors have been officially opened, boosting the bulk handling industry.  

The conveyor, which is worth $21.9 million, was funded by a combination of Federal Government, Sugar Terminals and Gladstone Ports Terminal on behalf of the Queensland Government. The Federal government contributed $17.7 million and Sugar Terminals $3.2 million. 

“This is about expanding the export capabilities of the port and unlocking opportunities for regional producers to compete on a global scale,” Gladstone Ports Corporation chief executive Craig Haymes said. 

“The new facilities have the potential to increase our existing throughput in the Port of Bundaberg by more than five times and accommodate new products. 

“We are proud to be working closely with Sugar Terminals Limited and e2o and we are excited to celebrate this milestone.” 

The new facilities include a 250-metre conveyor, two transfer towers and modifications to existing ship loading equipment. 

The conveyor and loading facilities are set to help bulk handling producers across a wide range of materials, including bulk minerals and agricultural products, from sands and sugar to light grain and wood pellets. 

“It’s fantastic to see this modern and fit-for-purpose conveyor in action helping to increase exports of bulk commodities from the Port of Bundaberg – as part of our commitment to supporting a future made in Australia,” Federal Regional Development Minister Kristy McBain said.  

“For every business, time is money – which is why we invested more than $17 million towards more efficient and multi-purpose loading facilities, enabling a faster exit from the port – which we know is under more demand than ever. 

“This will support businesses in the Wide Bay-Burnett region to expand their capabilities and services, driving economic growth and the creation of local employment opportunities – building on the 335 jobs supported during construction.” 

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