Saturday 4th Dec, 2021

New sanitary rotary mixer from Munson Machinery

Munson Machinery has released a new sanitary rotary continuous mixer that blends bulk ingredients and liquid additions in around one to two minutes.

The Model RCM-60X20-SS Rotary Continuous Mixer uses a six-metre by 152-centimetre diameter rotating cylinder with internal mixing flights to create a gentle tumbling action, distributing particles with each degree of drum rotation with no shear or heat generation, minimising material degradation.

A 22-kilowatt gear-reduced motor motor rotates the mixing drum at slow speeds on external trunnion rollers, minimising energy consumption and eliminating the need for shaft seals.

The mixer’s stationary inlet and outlet allow hard connections to upstream and downstream process equipment, while an internal stainless steel spray line plumbed through the stationary discharge end permits liquid coating, de-dusting or perfuming of dry ingredients.

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Spraying of liquid additives onto a wide expanse of cascading material produced by the internal flights minimises the time required to achieve uniform distribution.

A weir at the discharge end of the drum creates a residence bed of material that mixes as it travels through the drum, ultimately overflowing the weir and discharging at rates determined by the residence volume of the rotating cylinder and the rate of material inflow. A reversing discharge weir is available to evacuate material at the end of production runs.

The mixer is entirely made of stainless steel, with smooth interior surfaces and no shaft seals or unobstructed interior access to allow for easy sanitising and inspection.

Other models range in diameter from 41 to 183 centimetres and in length from 122 to 732 centimetres.

Typical applications include bulk foods such as cereals, powdered drink mixes, snack foods and pet foods, and bulk chemicals such as detergents, catalysts, polymers, pesticides and fertilisers.