Thursday 18th Aug, 2022

New track for TS Global

Australian conveyor accessory manufacturer TS Global has entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with one of the world’s leading suppliers of belt tracking solutions.

Australian conveyor accessory manufacturer TS Global has entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with one of the world’s leading suppliers of belt tracking solutions.

A mistracking conveyor belt can become the source of a range of issues on a bulk handling site.

When a conveyor belt wanders, it can begin to spill material onto the ground around it, decreasing the productivity of the conveyor and potentially creating significant safety and environmental hazards.

In addition to this, mistracked conveyor belts can begin to impact the conveyor structure. Over time, this will cause the conveyor belt to wear and lead to premature replacement of this expensive component.

To prevent conveyor belts from wandering, South African manufacturer Tru Trac has developed a conveyor belt tracking system that constantly makes minute adjustments every time the belt begins to wander. This is achieved by the conveyor belt coming into contact with the tapered roller, without requiring servos or guide rollers. The tapered roller creates a rotations per minute differential and directs the conveyor belt back to the centre of the conveyor.

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Due to Tru Trac’s design, the belt trackers require almost no maintenance. They are a sealed unit, meaning all that they need is to be kept clean and undamaged. The rubber lagging is long lasting and can be upgraded with polyurethane lagging for use in high wear applications.

Developed originally in 1995, the system has gone on to win a number of design awards all around the world.
In November 2019, the company joined forced with leading conveyor accessories manufacturer TS Global, who became the exclusive Australian distributor.

TS Global distributes a range of conveyor accessories and polyurethane components and has a firm focus on delivering high-performance and low maintenance products.

Graham Holford, General Manager of TS Global said Tru Trac’s a global reputation for their innovative thinking and attention to quality made them the perfect fit for the company’s product offering.

Jonathan Rogoff, managing director of Tru Trac, agrees and says the decision was based around a good reputation and shared values.

“The distributors we appoint must have a focus in supplying conveyor equipment, excellent market penetration and an experienced technical sales and service team,” Rogoff says.

In addition, TS Global purchased a significant amount of stock from Tru Trac to ensure the majority of products are available in Australia, which Rogoff says was a key part of why TruTrac selected TS Global.

Jamie Whybrow, Sales Engineer at TS Global, says this is important for local customers, as delays end up costing them significant amounts.

“Any site suffering from a belt tracking issue doesn’t want to wait. If they’ve got a problem today, they want a solution today,” he says.

“As with anything manufactured internationally, shipping lead times can take weeks, which is not acceptable for most sites. It’s important to us and our customers that we maintain a well-stocked inventory.”

Within its Newcastle warehouse, TS Global currently stocks the entire standard range of Tru Trac products, including flat return trackers, dual roll return trackers, and compact versions for use in tighter confines.

In addition to the stock holding, TS Global is also able to supply custom belt trackers to suit specific applications or systems, along with food-grade lagging and paint specifications suitable for coal ports.

TS Global’s national distribution network allows it to sell directly to the market and offer after sales support, such as monitoring the performance of the trackers and can call upon Tru Trac’s manufacturing expertise to solve any issues if they arise.