Monday 1st Jun, 2020

Novel tensioning system improves belt cleaner performance

Unique Fluid Power’s Autonomous Tensioning System (ATS) for belt cleaners is helping companies to reduce carryback and improve belt cleaner performance.

It uses a closed loop hydraulic system without an external power supply, instead using gravity to provide constant hydraulically applied force, making the ATS reliable and easy to install.

The ATS floats up and down, actively following variable belt profiles and uneven splices with constant force to maintain optimal cleaning performance over periods of at least 12 weeks without intervention. Once installed, the tensioning elements have a long serving life, reducing ongoing costs.

Unique Fluid Power has found that by reducing the amount of carryback, conveyors produce less spillage requiring cleanup and create less dust.

Additionally, improvements in conveyor reliability measurements due to less direct rubbing between carryback and belts, idlers or pulleys reduced contamination ingress to bearing and decreased idler imbalance.

In particular, a large benefit to sites is that more saleable ore stays on the belt and reaches the stockpile or cargo ship, increasing revenue.

So far, the ATS has been installed on more than 60 conveyors in the Pilbara in Western Australia and over two different continents.

One company installed the ATS on a problematic overland conveyor that requires extensive clean-up activities on a daily basis, needing a full clean-up crew and heavy machinery.

With less carryback, a labour contract for waste cleanup was no longer required, providing significant financial savings.

Hosedown was also easier before each shutdown, with clean-up activities now monthly or longer instead of daily.

“In my 14 years working on-site in the iron ore industry, I have never seen a product which meets the needs of belt tensioners the way the ATS does,” Unique Fluid Power Project Manager Simon Lucas said.

“This step-change in belt cleaner tensioners really does tick all the boxes for financial, safety, reliability and dust emissions challenges.

“As part of Unique Fluid Power’s focus on innovative new solutions, we are always looking for new ways to solve plant-related problems, and hence have other exciting new products in the pipeline for this year,” Lucas said.

Unique Fluid Power is an Australian business which has been in operation for over 14 years. It uses Australian manufacturers in Newcastle, Adelaide and Perth to deliver high quality products, as well as provide customised consulting and training for its clients.

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