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Oli listens the industry buzz

ABHR speaks to Mark Thompson, General Manager of Oli Vibrators, to find out what separates a good vibrator from a bad one.

ABHR spoke with Mark Thompson, general manager at Oli Vibrators, to find out how the company navigated global supply chain disruptions.

2022 has been a turbulent year for Oli Vibrators. The Australian company, which represents one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of electric and pneumatic vibrators, has had to navigate global supply chain disruptions.

Mark Thompson, general manager at Oli Vibrators, said the supply lines for material in Europe were strained, which had flow on effects across the globe.

“Because we’re on the other side of the planet, we needed to take on more stock than we’d normally carry,” he told ABHR.

“We had to be much more diligent with our forecasting and consciously make decisions to place larger orders from our European manufacturing divisions.

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“This was a trend that happened with Oli distributors all around the world, which saw the company heavily invest into its manufacturing centres to keep up with the demands of the supply chain.”

The entire company is already beginning to see the benefits of this decision. The company was able to keep its pricing stable during periods of high inflation and fluctuation between currencies.

This is vital for the Oli’s customers, who rely on the company to provide stable prices – particularly its resellers.

Thompson said it is important for the business to work as a partner with its customers, so that both parties have a mutual understanding about expectations.

“Oli is also involved with several industry associations, which helps us keep in touch with trends in the market,” he said.

“At the moment, it’s all about energy efficiency and new materials. We have recently introduced food-grade vibrators and flow aids that are easy to clean in place, made from stainless steel, and lack areas for bacteria to grow,” he said.

Oli’s products are used across dozens of different industries to move hundreds of different materials. To ensure the customer gets the right tool for the job, the company works closely with its customers to learn as much as it can about the application.

The customer will often provide a checklist of important information, along with some technical drawings to get started.

Oli Vibrators’ team will work with customers to determine the characteristics of the product, such as bulk density, explosive risk, hygiene requirements, whether it is hydroscopic, the vessel it is being stored in, and more.

With that information, the company’s engineers will usually find a solution that will work for the customer within 24 to 48 hours.

“If a customer of ours is manufacturing lollypops and decides on a new design for the product, they might start having problems occur during the processing procedure,” Thompson said.

“We’ll go out, see what problems are occurring and work with them to find an innovative solution to the problem. A lot of people underestimate how many applications industrial vibrators can be used in.”

Thompson said the team at Oli Vibrators is excited for 2023.

“We’re well stocked, which means we can keep servicing our customers in a fashion that makes everyone happy,” he said.

“There are also several innovative new products that we will be launching next year.

“We’re constantly evolving with our products, especially when it comes to supporting the growing food and concrete industries.” 

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