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OLI SPA opens new headquarters

OLI Spa has formally opened its new headquarters in Medolla, near Modena in Italy, which will be used to coordinate the firm’s international branches.

OLI SPA has formally opened its new headquarters in Medolla, near Modena in Italy, which will be used to coordinate the firm’s international branches.

The inauguration took place on the company’s 60th anniversary, and was witnessed by President of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and OLI founder Piero Corsi.

OLI is a multinational manufacturer of industrial vibration technology, designing, producing and marketing industrial vibrators, electric vibrators, concrete vibrators and frequency converters, as well as a wide range of products designed to adapt to many applications in a wide variety of industrial fields: ranging from the medical to construction sectors, and from the automotive to energy industries.

The Medolla site will be where products are developed for the company’s 23 international branches. The company has six coordinated production plants across five continents.

General Manager, Giorgio Gavioli, said the new facility was an important move for OLI.

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“Our products are constantly evolving, as well as our business. We open OLI branches wherever the market requires products, respecting the language, culture and tradition of the places we are involved in, on all five continents,” Gavioli said.

Our company operates on a global market, but has its headquarters in Medolla; some would call it a global company, i.e. a localised business with a global reach, and I think this is one of our secret weapons.

“This is why we are interested in professionals who share our vision: that of an open, accessible world, with skilled, dedicated people, who want to develop both professionally and in human terms.”

Vainer Marchesini, President of the WAMGROUP, said there is a profound difference between localisation, delocalisation, internationalisation, and globalisation.

“This is a global company, a company that produces pieces and then assembles them wherever there is a market. To do this, you need a thinking head that makes this system of production possible, and that “head” is here in Medolla, where we are today,” Marchesini said.

“The financial crisis of 2008 and the terrible earthquake of 2012 meant that we spent five years focusing on reconstruction. But we managed to grow just the same. We re-established the company and maintained our growth by moving production to other sites, as everything here was totally destroyed.

“It was a tough slog with everyone helping out: customers, suppliers, the State, the Region and President Bonaccini, all of whom have always been by our side. But the greatest contribution was from our own people: people whose drive, sacrifices, passion, commitment, sense of belonging and talent have made all this possible. We have emerged from all these misfortunes in a better state.”

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