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Oliver Rubber’s OM-2000 cement has arrived in Australia

Oliver Rubber Industries, a major manufacturer of conveyor belt vulcanising, splicing and maintenance products, has begun exporting its Cold Vulcanising Glue OM-2000 Rubber Cement to Australia.

The rubber cement is used in some of the most demanding mining environments to help maintain rubber conveyor belts to improve cost effectiveness, reduce shutdown times and avoid breakdowns. The product is mainly use for cold and hot vulcanising methods.

The rubber cement has an unlimited shelf life, is non-flammable and carries a 100 per cent guarantee for non-failures of belt joints made using it.

Other products the company is now exporting to the Australian market also include an energy saving pulley lagging rubber sheet. The ‘Energy Saving’ pulley lagging rubber sheets have wavy top and button top patterns. They reduce around 50 per cent of installed conveyor belts without the need for scrapers.

It also provides the I-BOND EZEE Instant Repair Kit, which can repair the damaged conveyor belts within five minutes – without needing hot vulcanising machinery.

The company designs products that provide solutions for belt slippage, belt misalignment, bel elongation, and sticky materials.

Its vulcanising materials can also be more beneficial when compared with mechanically fastened splices, as mechanical fasteners often cannot produce as smooth a surface at the splice.

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