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One conversation at QME could revolutionise your belt weighing system

There are many belt weighing providers on the market today providing lab-generated claims for accuracy and reliability. However, an inaccurate belt weigher can be disastrous for mines, and in the field, this is where specific custom design makes all the difference.

“I think our gear is probably one of the few on the market anywhere in the world where everything is designed for the purpose. It’s not ‘off-the-shelf’,” Joel Bearham, CST’s QLD & NT service manager, said.

“We do deal with a lot of other brands,” he said. “But they are essentially just off-the-shelf, and when it comes to reliability and accuracy in the real world, and especially over a long period of time with so many variables at play at any particular site or installation, design means everything”.

CST will be at QME this year, and a conversation with one of its experts might reveal some startling facts about your weighing system. Underutilisation of a conveyor, blocked chutes, slower ship loading, inventory write-offs, over or under-loading of ships, production downtime and lost production capacity are some of the many factors that could be solved or improved.

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Andrew Paterson, CST’s WA service manager, said weighing systems are the company’s core product, supporting processes like stockpiling, primary crushing, train loading, and reclaiming.

“The more accurate they are, the more efficiently a mine or port can run these operations, and the more utilisation they can get out of the fixed plant infrastructure,” Paterson said.

CST is committed to constant research and development, and has won a number of awards for its innovation and technology. This includes solutions such as the IntelliRoll (a weigher in a single roller), the Close Spaced Roller Rack (CSRR) for very long or high belt tension conveyors, the WIM3 MaVIS Arm Electronics Integrator and Volumetric Laser Scanner.

The IntelliRoll. Image: CST

CST has 3000 installations of its weighing systems around the world, and many are trade-certified units where accuracy has been proven through live load testing.

The company have a reputation for having some of the most accurate systems available in the industry. For 40 years, CST has provided high quality products manufactured in its Australian factory in Revesby, Sydney, as well as an extensive service and maintenance division.

Ian Burrell CST’s CEO, said the company can work with customers across the spectrum of belt weighing needs, whether it’s choosing appropriate technology or maintenance support.

“CST has a large service team in Australia and has offices in Canada, Peru and Chile,” Burrell said.

“Through our offices, other representatives and partners, we have a worldwide reach for service and product installations.”

Visit the CST Team at QME 2024,  Stand 556, and have a conversation about your belt-weighing system.

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