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ABHR speaks to Rod Wilson, sales director at bagging equipment manufacturer Packweigh, to find out how the company provides more than just bagging machine.

ABHR speaks to Rod Wilson, sales director at bagging equipment manufacturer Packweigh, to find out how the company provides more than just bagging machine.

When Packweigh equipment first started, it focused on providing bag stitching equipment. However, as its customer base became more diverse, the business expanded its product range significantly.

Now, the company can design packaging equipment for almost any bulk solid handling operation, from small 100-gram bags to two tonne bulk bags.

Rod Wilson, Packweigh’s sales director, told ABHR that every customer has different needs, which is why most of the company’s offering is custom designed.

“When it comes to bagging equipment, we can do anything – from simple manual machines to full turnkey systems,” he said.

“Designing custom solutions means we can support different products, different types of bags, different layouts, and different footprints to fit into a customer’s factory.”

Packweigh manufactures its equipment in its Brisbane workshop, using Australian suppliers where possible to minimise delays and downtime. Here, it assembles complete bagging lines, and allows customers to visit to see the equipment in action before it is installed, as well as specialised equipment from Europe.

It provides equipment across five main categories: weighing, bagging, sewing and sealing, palletising, load securing, and bulk handling.

Wilson said Packweigh works closely with a client to determine the right tools for an application. 

For example, if free flowing material needs to be weighed, the company can incorporate gravity fed machines. If a client is bagging products that are irregularly shaped or don’t flow freely, they can be fed via belts, augers, vibratory feeders, or a combination.

“Weighing can be done as gross weight or net weight, depending on what the customer requires,” he said.

“We have a full range or manual, semi-automatic, and automatic bagging systems available that can handle all kinds of bags. 

“They can heat seal them, pinch bag seal, or stitch them closed with a variety of options like bag top fold over or bag top trimming and crepe tape. 

“Speed wise, our systems can handle anything up to 1400 bags an hour, depending on bag type and product.”

For fully automated bagging systems with automatic bag loading and semi auto systems, the company also provides both conventional and robotic palletisers that can be designed to fit the factory footprint. They can pick up a bag and place it on the pallet or handle multiple pick-up points on multiple pallets with the robot palletisers.

Packweigh can also integrate pallet wrapping into bagging lines, which use an automatic sealer to fasten the end of the wrap. These can be supplied with an optional top cover applicator, providing a weatherproof shield. Alternatively, the option of a hooder can be integrated providing additional advantages 

In addition to bagging systems, Packweigh can also provide discharging systems. These come with or without load cells and weight controls, allowing the operator to determine exactly what is removed from a bulk bag.

Wilson said the customisability comes from the experience and industry knowledge of the Packweigh design team.

“Our sales team works closely with customers to learn about what they need from us, and our engineers work to deliver exactly what they’re looking for,” he said.

“We spend time with our customers, give them all the options up front, explain what everything does and don’t take anything for granted. We discuss their needs and do all the layout, drawings, and planning to make sure they get the right tools for the job.”

“We even create a digital 3D model of the design, allowing the customer to get a better understanding of the machinery.”

Wilson said the company is looking forward to continued growth in 2024 and is excited to help support the industry. 

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