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Packweigh’s path to growth

ABHR sat down with a co-founder of bulk bagging manufacturer Packweigh to learn how the company has grown.

ABHR sat down with a co-founder of bulk bagging manufacturer Packweigh to learn how the company has grown.

Rod Wilson and his business partner Jim Nolan had found a gap in the Australian market. 

The pair decided to take the plunge, launching a small business that supplied industrial sewing machines for bagging equipment.

Now, almost 20 years later, Packweigh Equipment has expanded its customer base, product range and physical size, becoming a major manufacturer of packaging equipment.

While the company originally focused on industrial sewing machines, it has since branched out to include weighing equipment, conveyors, and palletising systems.

Nolan worked as the company’s lead designer, coming up with many of the machines in the company’s product line, while Wilson helped grow the businesses through sales and customer relationships.

A major motivator for the pair was quality. They had seen equipment in the industry that wasn’t up to their high standards. In fact, manufacturing reliable and long-lasting equipment is a core part of the company’s mission.

Wilson told ABHR that being the manufacturer means the company is more accountable for the quality of its products.

“When you rely on other stakeholders, there’s a chance there you can be let down. We didn’t want to let our customers down – so that meant having as much control over the manufacturing process as possible,” he said.

“Our equipment isn’t just being assembled in Australia – we use Australian suppliers wherever possible, designing the machines to use locally obtainable parts. 

“This means that if we ever don’t have something in stock, we can quickly get it from our supplier, minimising delays and downtime.”

The company aims to be a long-term business partner for its customers, which is why it works alongside them to find the equipment that is suited to their needs and budget.

Wilson said this customer service is what has led to Packweigh’s success.

“We spend time with our customers, give them all the options up front, explain what everything does and don’t take anything for granted,” he said.

“We discuss their needs and do all the layout, drawings, and planning to make sure they get the right tools for the job.”

“Everybody’s different, which is why we design to suit the customer’s needs.”

The process usually involves determining what the customer wants out of the packaging equipment. Wilson will then help design a potential solution that is iterated upon before being implemented.

Feedback from clients has been positive, with some doubling their output with half of their staff, leading to returns on investment in as short as six months.

The company manufactures and ships its products from its Brisbane-based factory. There, it has the space to assemble full bagging lines and customers can even visit to see the equipment in operation.

The company moved two years ago to accommodate Packweigh’s growth.

“We’re building bigger machines now and can take advantage of the larger space,” Wilson said.

“It’s led us to gaining more market share, which has led to even more growth. We’re looking forward to continue expanding and supporting the Australian market.” 

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