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Page Macrae’s Enviro EDGe

page macrae has successfully commissioned two new-generation Enviro EDG bulk grabs at the Port of Bunbury, Western Australia.

Page Macrae has successfully commissioned two new-generation Enviro EDG bulk grabs at the Port of Bunbury, Western Australia. 

The company says this advancement marks a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

The newly commissioned grabs will provide a significant step forward for bulk handling operations at the Port of Bunbury.

The Enviro EDG grabs are designed to streamline bulk handling operations, offering features that optimise performance, minimise downtime, and maximise returns for clients. 

One of the key highlights of these grabs is their remote programming capability, enabled by onboard telemetry. 

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This empowers Page Macrae to tailor grab performance to specific cargo requirements, such as the 2.5mt/m3 density of mineral sand encountered at the Bunbury site.

The real-time data stream the grabs generate provides valuable insights into productivity, condition monitoring, and grab performance. 

This information informs clients of their operational efficiency and enables Page Macrae to proactively provide aftersales support and servicing within a timeframe that aligns with clients’ schedules, minimising potential downtime.

Symbiotic partnership

Page Macrae understands the stringent capital expenditure approval processes faced by businesses today. Therefore, the company strongly emphasises demonstrating the value proposition of its equipment, ensuring that clients recognise the tangible benefits and ROI associated with its products. This commitment to value creation is evident in the company’s PowerHead Ship and Harbour Crane system, which offers versatility and adaptability to cater to diverse cargo handling needs.

The PowerHead system encompasses a range of attachments, including different bucket sizes or swapping to grapples to handle logs, enabling clients to leverage their investment and adapt to evolving market demands. This flexibility ensures that operations remain agile and responsive to changing opportunities.

The PowerHead  Harbour crane models also now includes electric options for bulk grabs, log grabs, and grapples, further expanding the portfolio of sustainable solutions offered by Page Macrae.

A journey of innovation

Page Macrae’s dedication to innovation extends beyond product development. The company regularly engages in open dialogues with its clients to better understand their evolving needs and challenges. These interactions have highlighted the need for businesses to demonstrate value addition and ROI when justifying capital expenditures. This insight has been incorporated into Page Macrae’s business model, ensuring that the company’s solutions align with the financial realities of its clients.

In a proactive step to stay ahead of the curve, Page Macrae’s combined New Zealand and Australian teams continually discuss global market challenges, advancements in data-driven support, and strategies to anticipate and address future client requirements. This collaborative approach underscores the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and pursuit of market-leading products, support, and real-time data solutions.

Environmental commitment

A deep commitment to environmental sustainability lies at the heart of Page Macrae’s philosophy. The company’s products are designed to minimise environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency for its clients. This commitment is evident in developing the Enviro EDG grabs, which optimise energy consumption and reduce waste.

Page Macrae’s dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility has positioned the company as a trusted partner for bulk handling operations worldwide. The company’s new generation grabs, coupled with its comprehensive support services and data-driven insights, empower clients to achieve operational excellence, maximise profitability, and foster a sustainable future. 

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