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PEBCO now in Australia

Materials handling company PEBCO has appointed specialist Bulk Handling Technologies (BHT) as its new exclusive representative in Australia.

PEBCO is a global supplier of standard and customised bulk materials handling equipment focusing primarily on flow control, product loading spouts and chutes and specialised dust suppression solutions.

Customers in industries involved with dry bulk solids handling will now have access to the PEBCO materials handling range of equipment through BHT.

BHT Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Sebastien Poulinet said he is pleased with BHT’s appointment as the new exclusive PEBCO representative in Australia.

“PEBCO products are a perfect combination with our own range of heavy-duty bin isolation gates and materials handling equipment and we can confidently state that we have solutions for all sizes and duties in the industry,” Poulinet said.

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“PEBCO has always gone above and beyond to ensure every product they produce is ideal for the job at hand and if any customisation is needed, our in-house engineers who have an extensive experience in the design and manufacture of bulk materials handling systems and products can work with PEBCO to customise a solution to suit any specific application.

“A great example of PEBCO innovation is their Laminated Burner Isolation Valve (BIV) where the changes in methodology of the construction has significantly reduced the manufacturing costs when compared to conventional knifegates. With these alterations, the ability to service the valve has been greatly improved without affecting the performance of the valve.”

Poulinet said ensuring a safe working environment is paramount in any site and the PEBCO Laminated BIV is ideal for applications where complete isolation control must be assured, such as pulverized fuel feed systems of coal fired power plants.

“The PEBCO Laminated BIV incorporates a blade sealing, ramping action at the end of travel and a displacement pocket to ensure complete closure and positive shutoff every time. The area beneath the blade in the product flow area is open to enable self-cleaning as the blade moves into the fully closed position, ensuring complete closure and providing maintenance personnel with a safe working environment,” Poulinet said.

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