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Reaping the benefits of bulk weighers

Continuous bulk weighing systems offer grain handling facilities accuracy, reduced waste and improved operational performance, which is why Allied Grain Systems has started developing bulk weighers.

In the United States, bulk weighers are a common sight on grain handling facilities. 

John White, managing director at Allied Grain Systems, wants to see them become more popular in the Australian market.

“Traditionally in Australia for out loading of grain from facilities, we use a garner bin positioned above ground on weight cells,” he told ABHR. 

“It’s hard to get this type of system certified due to wind loading effecting on the side of the garner bin which effects the accuracy of the weigh cells.

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“You have to load a truck and run it over a certified weigh bridge system to get similar levels of accuracy, which in some applications can add much more time and effort.”

Most of the bulk weighers in Australia have been imported in the past. This is an expensive process, as often they are too large to fit inside a container and need to be shipped on open deck.

Allied Grain Systems decided to design and manufacture its own range of bulk weighers in Australia. The company’s team worked closely with Mettler Toledo Australia for the weighing equipment of the bulkweigher system as Mettler Toledo components are used in overseas models. The larger bulkweighers were designed and built in sections, to be delivered to site as a wide loads to be bolted together on site.

Ceramic tiles are installed at all of the heavy wear points to add longevity to the system, while hydraulic slide gates are selected to operate the continuous internal slide gates.

White said Allied Grain Systems can customise the design of the bulk weighers for applications between 50 to 2500 tonnes per hour.

“There are a lot of applications where bulk weighers can be installed, and we have the design skills to ensure each meets the client’s requirements,” he said.

“They’re mainly used to accurately weigh the outloading of a commodity for record keeping but can also be used to deliver a preset amount of grain with incredible accuracy.

“The whole system is controlled by a programmable logic controller, which stores and saves weights automatically.”

Allied Grain Systems performs 3D modelling with AUTOCAD to ensure the design will fit the application and ensure the towers are able to handle the associated loads.

It also provides full installation services and after sales support. While the bulkweighers themselves are reasonably low maintenance, the company can provide periodic preventative maintenance and provide test weights with the units so customers can calibrate at any time they choose.

White said the market for bulk weighers is growing fast.

“We have installed a few around the country and the feedback from customers has been very positive,” he said.

“They’ve been trouble-free and work day in, day out to provide accurate measurements that can be relied on.

“We’d really like to provide more for the local market, which is why we aim to educate customers about these units and their benefits.” 

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