Technical Papers

Reaping the benefits with SEW Eurodrive and Kilic Engineering

With the Australian grain industry experiencing record harvests, the performance of grain handling equipment has become increasingly important – it can make all the difference to an operation’s productivity levels during harvest.

Yet despite bumper crops and promising forecasts, those in the sector have had to contend with other challenges that threaten their livelihood. These challenges include a disrupted supply of equipment componentry, and labour deficiencies, both of which have been compounded by the global pandemic.

This whitepaper discusses those challenges with a particular focus on how smarter, more efficient machinery can assist in meeting production demand. It highlights the unique collaboration between local OEM Kilic Engineering and SEW-EURODRIVE in achieving that goal by bringing bespoke grain handling solutions to the Australian market that address distinctive native conditions and challenges.

Additionally, it provides a case study example of how the custom-built BunkerStacker machinery, supported by SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology, has helped agribusiness The Manildra Group achieve success in its vertical integration.

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