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Redefining bulk handling efficiency with magnetic separation

Jonathan Schulberg, business development manager – heavy industry, Eriez-Australia, explains how the company is driving innovation in magnetic separation.

Jonathan Schulberg, business development manager – heavy industry, Eriez-Australia, explains how the company is driving innovation in magnetic separation.

The demand for greater operational efficiency is a key driving force behind innovation within bulk handling industries, where transporting a high volume of materials is central to operations. To remain competitive while meeting evolving industry needs, many organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of streamlining their processes through the integration of innovative technologies.

Spearheading this charge is Eriez, a global leader in magnetic separation technology, that introduced products that are specifically designed to optimise bulk material separation and handling processes.

Whether it’s for mining, recycling or manufacturing, Eriez’s extensive line of magnetic separation equipment allows businesses to maximise their throughput while minimising downtime and operational costs. 

With a focus on sustainability, these solutions also help to reduce landfill waste by facilitating the efficient recovery of valuable materials.

Here are some of Eriez’s latest efficiency-enhancing innovations for bulk handling industries:

P-Rex drum magnet

The Permanent Rare Earth Xtreme (P-Rex) drum magnet is designed with a powerful permanent magnetic circuit that is up to 40 per cent stronger than an electromagnetic drum—meaning it is capable of moving large spherical objects twice the distance. Featuring a constant strength profile with a significantly wider pick-up zone for maximum ferrous recovery, the P-Rex effectively agitates and flips ferrous metals between magnetic poles—resulting in a more efficient separation, cleaner product, and higher profits.

By comparison, current electromagnetic drum technology fails to sustain a deep enough magnetic field to attract heavy spherical ferrous objects such as meatballs and knuckles, which are notoriously difficult to capture magnetically and often contain valuable nonferrous metals. In addition, electromagnetic drums are subject to significant strength loss induced by heat. This typically results in a massive 30 per cent strength loss within just three hours of operation.

Featuring a deep-recessed pattern and shorter cleat height, Eriez’s new Traction Plate drum wrap significantly improves cleaning action by capturing ferrous metals to the face of the drum, where it agitates and releases debris. Constructed of durable magalloy, the Traction Plate prevents ferrous from sliding down and “clumping” on the cleat, which leads to buildup.

Permanent magnet axial interpole pulley

Featuring an axial interpole circuit that provides a uniform magnetic field, Eriez’s permanent magnet axial interpole pulley (AIP) is designed to automatically remove unwanted tramp iron from material streams on nearly any belt conveyor to prevent machinery damage and product contamination. Constructed of heavy-duty steel centre tubes with welded dividers to securely hold magnet stacks in place, this magnetic pulley is ideal for use in applications that involve extra-long conveyors, heavy loads and start–stop operations.

Offered in both permanent and electromagnetic designs, Eriez’s self-cleaning axial interpole pulley is available in 80 different combinations—including diameters ranging from 203 to 914mm and belt widths ranging from 203 to 1524mm. The pulley itself is finish-painted with the hub bore holes coated to prevent corrosion. Options available in the magnetic pulley line include custom pulley face widths, shafts, and lagging.

Designed with a powerful, agitating magnetic field, Eriez’s Model AA pulleys are built with Alnico magnet material for use in high-temperature applications that exceed 121°C.

Drum in-housing separator

Built with a powerful permanent magnet enabling more efficient separation on volumes up to 725 cubic metres per hour, Eriez’s drum in-housing separator automatically removes unwanted tramp iron from material processing lines—including heavy material streams that contain large and highly abrasive ferrous materials. As material reaches the drum, the magnetic field removes the ferrous metals from the nonmagnetic material by holding it to the drum shell as it rotates. Tramp iron is then released once it has exited the magnetic field.

A total of three drum in-housing separators are available from Eriez:

Type CC – Criss-Cross Circuit Drum: features a cross-cross magnetic circuit covering the entire drum width to ensure minimal product carryover on powdery materials

Type RE – Rare Earth Drum: ideal for applications where a high degree of product purity is required given its effectiveness in removing extremely fine ferrous particles

Type A – Agitator-Type Drum: specially designed with an agitating magnetic element, which physically shakes nonmagnetic materials from ferrous even when entangled.

Eriez’ line of drum in-housing separators includes standard models ranging in diameter from 305 to 915mm and width from 305 to 1525mm. By embracing innovation and tailoring its solutions to emerging customer needs, Eriez continues to shape the future of the bulk handling industry—ultimately empowering businesses to gain a more competitive advantage by achieving new levels of efficiency and sustainability in their operations. 

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