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REMA TIP TOP acquires two bulk specialists

REMA TIP TOP has acquired an Italian conveyor technology specialist and Brazilian manufacturer of anti-corrosion materials.

REMA TIP TOP has acquired an Italian conveyor technology specialist and Brazilian manufacturer of anti-corrosion materials.

Nuova Emil Riv srl, based in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy, specialises in the installation of rubber conveyor belts, idlers and anti-wear linings in the quarry, industrial and construction sectors.

REMA TIP TOP’s subsidiary Rivolta Tip Top Industriale spa operated five service centres in Italy, but none in the Emilia Romagna region. The acquisition strengthens REMA TIP TOP’s position in this market, while improving the sales power and extensive product portfolio of the parent company.

The REMA TIP TOP Group has acquired the conveyor technology division of Nuova Emil Riv srl and will keep the name Emil Riv.

In addition, REMA TIP TOP acquired TECNOLITA Industrial, which is in Campinas, Brazil.

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Founded in 1992, TECNOLITA Industrial specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance refractory materials and systems for corrosion protection for a wide range of applications and industries.

The main sectors served by TECNOLITA Industrial are the ceramics, cement, lime and steel industries, as well as plant equipment manufacturers and implementers. The company supplies products designed for high-temperature environments and extreme operating conditions.

These products will now complement REMA TIP TOP’s portfolio.

“With the acquisition of TECNOLITA Industrial, we will strengthen our position as the preferred partner of our customers in Brazil and Latin America,” REMA TIP TOP Brazil Managing Director Valteir Lacerda said.

“The new production site in Brazil enables us from now on to serve both our own customers and TECNOLITA’s customers with an expanded product and service offering that leaves nothing to be desired.”

TECNOLITA Industrial Managing Director Günther Reinprecht agrees and said the acquisition is a great opportunity for more companies in different industries to benefit from TECNOLITA’s quality products and expertise than before.

REMA TIP TOP already operates two sites in Brazil. With the acquisition of TECNOLITA, the company now has another local production facility in Brazil, driving exports to all other Latin American countries, reducing dependence on imports, and increasing competitiveness.

In the long term, REMA TIP TOP plans to further develop and improve the TECNOLITA product portfolio using the German know-how of TIP TOP OBERFLÄCHENSCHUTZ ELBE.

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