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RKM rolls out quality

Conveying material from one place to the other is the essence of mining. Reliable and efficient conveying systems are therefore vital to production – if the materials stop moving everything else grinds to a halt as well.

RKM has more than 25 years of combined experience in the design, manufacturing and supply, coupled with high level technical support to help deliver a product suitable for each application.

RKM’s roller design and the construction of its idlers are manufactured to last in the harshest environments.

The company works with clients to tailor a solution to each problem, as each site will face unique operating issues when it comes to operating conveyor systems.

Following this, it provides design data and product options on how the team can purpose build a roller suited for that specific application.

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Expert technical site support provides help to track failures and ensure the best performance possible.

RKM’s advanced manufacturing facility is equipped with machinery purpose built for the manufacturing of high-speed low noise dynamically balanced rollers. Robotic welding equipment and laser cutting machinery targets 100 per cent accuracy in all manufacturing.

Purpose-built testing equipment and in-house testing laboratory helps RKM maintain a high level of quality, adhering to a comprehensive ITP and MDR process.

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