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Robopac partners with Aurora to revolutionise wrapping

Aurora Process Solutions has partnered with Robopac to supply high-end automated pallet wrapping technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Aurora Process Solutions has partnered with Robopac to supply high-end automated pallet wrapping technology in Australia and New Zealand.

Wrapping pallets is indispensable to most companies that dispatch product as it protects and promotes the product during shipping. Manually wrapping pallets, however, isn’t ideal. Not only is it expensive, it puts workers in positions where they’re up close and personal with heavy machinery, day in and day out, it also depends on that person to get it right every time. 

It’s a mundane task better suited to machinery than humans.

Any small slip up could lead to time, product and wrap going to waste. Braden Goddin, sales and marketing manager at Aurora Process Solutions, told ABHR that this wastage is getting more focus now as companies are looking to become more productive and sustainable. 

“We’re looking to lift the game of Australia’s load containment,” he said. 

To do that, Aurora conducted a worldwide search to find new technologies to bring down under. Europe has been a particular market of interest for the company.

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“European countries tend to use a lot of automation in their logistics sector,” Goddin said. “Their supply chains mean pallets could be handled multiple times across different types of freight, from trucks to, trains, ships and planes.”

“They need a high degree of load containment, and a lot of regulations have come into effect that require reductions in the amount of polyethylene used.

“They need technology that can deliver a more secure load while using less plastic film and less manual labour. That’s what Robopac delivers.”

Robopac is based in Bologna, which is known as the heart of the Italian packaging valley. From there, the company manufactures its advanced automated packaging systems to be used in systems around the world. 

Aurora saw a lot of potential in helping to bring Robopac’s machinery to Australia. The country is large, and exports travel far and wide. Plus, Goddin said the Italian manufacturer has been taking the lead in pallet containment systems for decades.

Goddin said the agreement between the two companies allows Aurora to access a broader market than it has in the past, taking packaging technology to entirely new market segments. 

“Pallet wrapping is used in all sorts of industries, from food and pharmaceuticals to the building industry,” he said.

“European companies are some of the first to innovate to meet new regulatory requirements, which takes a while to filter down to Australia and New Zealand. 

“Robopac also has a niche capability in packaging system design. There are some innovative pallet wrapping methods and developments that are not used down in Australasia yet. So, we’re excited to let the locals take advantage of it.”

Aurora Process Solutions provides scaling technologies and processes to meet the needs of growing businesses. The company’s products help to semi and fully automate the packaging, conveying, conditioning, palletising, and hooding processes.

Aurora also provides technology that can quickly and easily scale up, allowing curious customers to test the technology at a base level and see how it impacts their processes.

Goddin said one of the common concerns businesses have about installing automated technology is the technical expertise required.

“This may be the case with some highly complex, high-speed process applications but is not the case for general filling, closing, palletising operations,” he said.

“Product development has come a long way in regard to user experience and intuitive operation.

“Ease of use and simplicity has developed to the point where many of the machines can be considered plug-and-play. In a lot of applications, if you can operate a smartphone, then you have the capability.”

Robopac’s technology has been designed with this simplicity in mind. Goddin praised the company’s engineering skills in simplifying the complex, as the product range remains easy to use and repair.

The company’s wide range means a tool can be found for almost any problem – whether it’s irregular loads with sharp edges, fragile and instable materials, or temperature concerns. This range also means options are available for sole traders, multinationals, and all businesses in between.

“Due to the sheer volume of equipment Robopac produces, spare parts and efficient service and support is easily available.”

Aurora plans to showcase the technology across the country, visiting clients and trade shows as well as working in conjunction with Robopac to build awareness. 

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