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RopeCon starts conveying limestone over Guatemalan forest

Austrian company Doppelmayr has successfully started-up one of its RopeCon conveyors – a hybrid system employing elements of belt conveyors with ropeways – with the system serving a concrete producer in Guatemala.

The new system links a quarry, producing limestone, with the cement plant of Guatemalan Cementos Progreso, S. A. The installation is located around 35kms from the country’s capital.

The RopeCon uses four tower structures to cross wooded terrain, has a length of around 1.6km and covers a vertical rise of almost 200m.

According to Doppelmayr, the system’s structure minimises the amount of space required on the ground. At full capacity, it will transport 2,100 tons of limestone every hour.

RopeCons are in use around the world, with steep jungled terrain lending itself to the technology.


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