RST launches dust suppressant aimed at conveyors

RST’s new dust suppression chemical is aimed at holding moisture longer on conveyor belts.

Dust control company RST has launched a chemical called Hydrostay which is designed to improve moisture retention in ores.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the benefits of the Hydrostay solution are that it holds moisture longer on conveyor belt systems, has a simple dosing process, is easily soluble in water, reduces dust at transfer points and is suitable for copper ore.

“During the process of travelling along the conveyor system, and when the material is subjected to rejuvenation along the way, the Hydrostay product continues to remain active and maximise its dust suppression capabilities,” Handel said.

“The Hydrostay dust suppressant solution is applied at a variable rate to suit the conditions of the specific operation and RST can provide tailored information and advice,” he said.

Handel said RST’s experience enabled it to offer customers tailor-made solutions.

“We go into the field, internationally, and work side by side with our clients to optimise the efficiency of their operations.

“We do a lot of our work in the mining industry but we also provide solutions to clients in industries including civil earthworks, construction, quarries, railways, transport, plantation, forestry and agriculture.

“We have developed solutions in dust control, road and soil stabilisation, water management and sediment treatments, erosion control, agriculture, and specialty projects like sporting arenas, vineyards and gardens.”

RST says it has a seven step method whereby it evaluates its client’s problem, develops a solution and then recommends and discusses that approach.

Once an agreement on the solution is reached, it designs and installs mechanical systems, implements the solution, monitors the results, and reports, validates and recommends further strategies.

Contact: www.rstsolutions.com.au

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