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RST launches low dosage dust product

David Handel of RST. Photo: RST

Dust suppressing chemicals producer Reynolds Soil Technologies has launched a new low dosage dust solution, called Infiltrator DEM, aimed at achieving dust extinction moisture levels (DEM) faster in bulk earthworks applications.

According to RST, Infiltrator DEM is suitable for use in all substrate, stockpile and dig faces materials. The chemical is added to water, stabilising the soil surface structure, and facilitating rapid water penetration in all material types compared to non-treated water alone.

Infiltrator DEM is diluted directly into the application water at a very low dosage range of 0.05% to 0.005%, with dosage rates dependent on material type and water quality.

RST says the new chemical reduces the surface tension of water by approximately 60%, minimising the negative effect of fine particle movement created by the application of water through irrigation or rain.

According to RST’s publicity, an application of water alone tends to flow over the soil surface, disrupting soil aggregates and dispersing them into the flow of water runoff.

This water, now containing the dispersed fine soil particles, is drawn into or over the pores of the soil surface, plugging them and causing the surface to seal, blocking infiltration and causing water runoff.

This surface sealing effect is intensified if water arrives at the soil surface via water droplets from irrigation or rain, which have additional kinetic energy, adding to the disruption and dispersion of soil particles through water runoff.

When runoff occurs, water redistribution results in ponding in low areas of the irrigation zone and inadequate wetting and penetration into raised ground and stockpiles, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the applied water to reduce dust levels.

Says RST: “When Infiltrator DEM is added to water and applied, the water droplets rapidly penetrate deep into the substrate, stockpile or dig face material, instead of causing surface sealing that induces the runoff and redistribution of water.”

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the Infiltrator DEM solution is the latest chemical innovation developed through RST’s ongoing research and development programs.

“RST’s point of difference is that we go out into the field and work side by side with clients to really listen and identify what their unique challenges are,” Handel said.

“Our team of industry experts then works out which products are needed from our broad range of solutions to provide the most cost-effective and efficient plan to obtain the highest level of operational optimisation for our clients,” he said.

“It was through this process of working with our clients that we discovered the need for an extremely low-dosage yet highly effective dust solution when excavating, transporting, storing, loading and dumping materials so our research and development team set about creating our specifically tailored dust solution to fill this need, resulting in Infiltrator DEM.

“Infiltrator DEM is particularly relevant to mining applications where fast water infiltration is required to increase the moisture content in all materials being moved and stored and achieve a specific dust extinction moisture level (DEM) quickly to keep up with mining advance rates and increase productivity.”


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