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SA farmers to get mining royalties under Labor plan

South Australia’s mining and energy minister says farmers who allow new mining operations on their land will be paid 10% of future royalties, under a re-elected Labor Government.

South Australians head to the polls on March 17.

Tom Koutsantonis, who is the state’s treasurer as well as its mining minister, has outlined the scheme, which expands on last year’s decision to provide farmers royalties for oil and gas projects.

The oil and gas measures were made last year as part of the State Government’s efforts to fix the energy crisis, but no royalties have yet been paid, as no production has begun since the scheme was introduced.

Koutsantonis this week targeted Liberal leader Steven Marshall, who is sticking to his guns on a proposal for a 10-year moratorium on fracking in a section of south-east South Australia, which is viewed as good agricultural land.

“It is a dangerous message that Mr Marshall is sending,” Koutsantonis said. “You ban gas exploration in one part of the state, and global investors will see that and start getting nervous. It starts in one area and spreads. It’s contagion.”

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