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Satake buys WA silo business

In a strategic move, the Satake Corporation has acquired the silo division of WA-based DE Engineers. ABHR finds out more.

In a strategic move, the Satake Corporation has acquired the silo division of WA-based DE Engineers. ABHR finds out more.

DE Engineers, under Kevin Prater’s stewardship, is a well-established player in Western Australia’s agricultural infrastructure.

The company was founded in 1965 and has evolved from a humble machining workshop to one of the region’s key manufacturers of grain storage solutions. Recently, it confirmed its silo division was acquired by Satake Corporation.

Craig Doorey, director of Satake Australia, said the acquisition is part of the company’s plan to expand.

“About six months ago, we started investigating the WA market. We wanted to establish a foothold, but to start from nothing is quite difficult,” he said.

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“The DE premises is even bigger than our existing Queensland-based manufacturing facilities. We went to a field day, and it stood out to us. You could tell Prater is passionate about his silos and knew what he was talking about – you could see it in the workmanship.

“We were impressed by the innovation and quality of the silos.”

Before the acquisition, Satake Australia sold silos into WA through its Denny’s brand, via a non-exclusive agent. The company wanted to increase its presence significantly and needed local manufacturing capabilities. Shipping large silos interstate adds to the costs significantly.

The move also means DE Silos brand will begin being production on the east coast. Doorey said the new silos would complement Denny’s offering and fill an important niche.

“Denny’s silos are some of the best on the market, using the highest quality materials to ensure they are the strongest they can be. They’re well-built and will last for decades,” he said.

“Not every customer needs that strong a silo. The DE silos are much better for these customers, as they’re still a high-quality silo at a reduced cost.”

The company has plans to develop a new range of silos, that combines DE Engineers’ innovation and specialised knowledge with Satake’s global resources and manufacturing capacity.

In addition to silos, Satake can provide its customers with a full turnkey solution, providing additional elements such as catwalks, loading equipment, cleaning systems and more.

Kazuhisa Matsumoto, president and CEO of Satake, said in an announcement that the acquisition heralds the dawn of a symbiotic partnership poised to redefine industry standards.

“By marrying Satake’s technological prowess with the esteemed legacy of DE Engineers, Satake Oceania is poised to unleash a wave of innovation unparalleled in the annals of grain storage and handling,” he said.

Doorey said he was excited about the future for the company.

“I’d love to fast forward five years and see where it all ends up. 

It’s exciting to bring DE and future products to the eastern states,” he said.

“We are keen to get our brand out there and see it heading all around the country.” 

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