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Schenck Process launches its first app: vibe2know

With vibe2know from Schenck Process, anyone can determine a vibrating machine’s current performance. The user simply inserts a smartphone into the specially designed mount and attaches it to the equipment. The app then immediately measures vibratory amplitude, frequency, oscillating angle and operating speed, and enables the user to visualize the vibrating machine’s motion pattern.

By getting a quick indication of these key parameters, operators can avoid a sudden production outage and plan a timely maintenance intervention.

vibe2know is already available via app stores for iOS, Android and Windows. Schenck says it is highly intuitive to use and includes a brief tutorial.

The mount can be obtained directly from Schenck Process. The company’s publicity says: “Easily attached to equipment by means of a magnet on its reverse side, it is robust and dust-tight, specially designed to withstand the accelerations of a vibrating machine and any environmental conditions.”

The idea for vibe2know came from a Schenck Process employee in the company’s in-house R&D department, which was taken up and implemented by the future lab.

“Schenck Process’s many years of experience in vibration analysis, combined with the agility of future lab, provided the optimum framework for bringing the idea to market in just two months.

“Schenck Process also broke new ground in coming up with the brand name vibe2know. Employees worldwide were invited to contribute their ideas.”

Jan Krall, who heads up the Schenck Process future lab, commented, “We were overwhelmed by the keen participation of our colleagues around the world.”

Andreas Evertz, president & CEO, Schenck Process, added, “I am thrilled with vibe2know, it is a good example of how our established development team and future lab complement one another within our company. Our speed in achieving this project and getting a product to market is exactly why we set up our future lab. This sets a great precedent for future projects. The patent-pending app rounds out the Schenck Process Group product portfolio for condition monitoring.”

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