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See the latest automation advancements at BULK2024

Aurora Process Solutions is showcasing new automated technologies at BULK2024 from 18 – 19 September 2024, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Aurora Process Solutions is showcasing new automated technologies at BULK2024 from 18 – 19 September 2024, in Melbourne.

Productivity, put simply, is getting more out of less. And when it comes to Australia’s economy, it is sorely needed.

One way to improve productivity is through automation. Many tasks in the bulk handling industry are ill-suited for people to perform. Stacking boxes, filling packages, and shifting heavy loads can be dull, dirty, and, worst of all, dangerous.

Braden Goddin, marketing and sales manager at Aurora Process Solutions, told ABHR that automation can free up staff performing manual labour, allowing them to focus on jobs that add value to the business.

“We work with small and medium enterprises, and a lot of the time, ownership are on the floor helping with manual labour during busy periods,” he said.

“That’s not an effective use of manual labour units. There are so many more important things they could be doing to grow the business. Worse, it can create a lull in business during busy times, creating a cyclical pattern.

“Automation makes running your business more accessible and versatile, removing variability.”

Aurora specialises in providing automated and semi-automated bag-filling, closing, conveying, palletising, and wrapping/hooding equipment for the grain, sand, fertiliser, and cement industries.

Aurora often works with businesses new to automation. This means they work with the customer to demystify their concerns and educate them on the benefits of automation.

Goddin said that uncertainty is one of the biggest barriers that stops businesses from incorporating automation.

“If you’re not working with robots on a daily basis, it can be daunting. That’s why we give customers a large degree of time and work with them to show them the benefits,” he said.

“When they can visualise what the automation looks like on their factory floor, it can help allay concerns. We do this through augmented reality, case studies and site visits, letting them speak with other clients that have had great success with the technology.”

Aurora also pays attention to the latest technologies developing around the world to ensure its equipment remains on the cutting edge.

The company plans to attend the upcoming 2024 Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK2024) in Melbourne. The show, which will take place from September 18 to 19, will highlight advancements in automation and the Internet of Things.

Goddin said BULK2024 will give Aurora an opportunity to see the emerging technologies and how they are being applied to specific markets.

“We meet with clients face to face on a regular basis, but the show offers us an opportunity to network and see the latest developments in the industry,” he said.

“There’s a lot of clever people and a lot of clever companies out there, and attending the show is a great way to save on a heck of a lot of googling.”

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