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Small pressure pot from IBS

Integrated Bulk Systems (IBS) has just launched a small pressure pot it dubs the Mini Pot MN series. ABHR’s Charles Macdonald spoke to Tim Gibson of IBS.

As the name suggests, the Mini Pot is a small, low cost unit designed for low volume, dense phase pneumatic conveying applications. It complements IBS’ existing Maxi Pot, for larger applications, and the company’s extensive line of lean phase pneumatic conveying equipment.

“It’s fast for us to build so we can offer fast delivery,” explained Gibson. “It’s economical for flow rates up to, say, five tonnes an hour. Two bar pressure is all that’s required. We can feed from hoppers, feeders, bulk bags; for distances up to 150 metres.”

The Mini Pot is manufactured by IBS from standard pipe parts. “It’s already made up of pressure rated parts, so the certification or the registration of the pressure vessel is a lot simpler,” said Gibson.

IBS has developed the Mini Pot over the last 12 months. It is now starting to market the product.

“It complements our existing range of pneumatic conveying equipment,” said Gibson. “We’ve got the lean phase or dilute phase conveyors, for a high volume of air with low volume of product. There’s the standard dense phase conveying, at high pressure and the material travels in slugs. The Mini Pot is a subset of the dense phase conveying products. It’s the same technology but utilising standard parts to make a low cost product of which we can produce high volumes.”

The Mini Pot is suitable for a wide range of flee flowing products including: dust collector bag house dust, carbon black, cement, calcium carbonate, flyash, lime, perlite, PVC resin, sand, soda ash, sugar, and talc.

IBS pushes on in Asia
IBS is expanding from its Australian base to Asia, as previously reported in ABHR.
The company has offices in Thailand and China, and Gibson reported some “big enquiries” from coal fired power plants for coal handling systems. IBS is also pushing its pneumatic conveying offering in Asia, with good interest from sugar producers for pneumatic systems.

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