Monday 26th Aug, 2019

Smart technology minimises production disruption

Belt monitoring systems like those provided by ContiTech Australia are assisting mining operators to detect early belt rips and preventing further significant damage.

In addition to manufacturing of steel cord and fabric conveyor belts, ContiTech Australia also offers value adding services such as belt monitoring systems.

ContiTech CONTI PROTECT and CONTI INSPECT belt monitoring systems support conveyor belt operators by maximising the safety and the lifetime of their belts and ensure system reliability and availability.

One of the belt condition monitoring systems installed on a major Pilbara iron ore stockyard conveyor has successfully detected an early belt rip, automatically shutting down a vital conveyor for repair before causing further, significant damage.

According to Chris Ams, conveyor superintendent at Fortescue’s Anderson Point, Port Hedland, this is a good example of why keeping up to date with latest technology can really pay off.

“Fourteen stockyard belts we operate at Anderson Point are fitted with these latest ‘smart data’ condition monitoring systems. This enables us to reduce unplanned maintenance due to belt ripping or significant belt carcass damage. These yard belts are the lifeblood for our ore being carried from the stockyards to the ships at Herb Elliot Port so it is important they operate safely and efficiently,” he said.

Edsel Lemus, Manager belt condition monitoring, conveyor belt group for Continental, described how the belt condition monitoring installed at Fortescue’s Anderson Point works.

“CONTI MultiProtect monitors the belt continuously as a permanent installation, analysing the magnetic characteristics of the conveyer belt and alarming when it detects a longitudinal rip (with the use of magnetic rip inserts), cord damage and deviations in the splice.

“All this is visible on demand by multiple users at the same time from your nominated desktop, laptop or through alerts issued to site operational systems, email or SMS.

“It’s basically an automated 24/7 monitoring of conveyor belts for cord integrity, splice condition, and detection of longitudinal rips, to maximise operational safety, increase uptime and lower maintenance and unscheduled stoppages,” he said.

This latest model combines the features of the traditional CONTI RipProtect and CONTI CordProtect into one multifunctional system for increased features and connectivity.

“With more than 100 units already installed worldwide, our CONTI MultiProtect system has taken belt condition monitoring to the next level,” he added.

CONTI PROTECT Belt Protection Systems

The CONTI PROTECT Series is designed, manufactured and tested according to automotive standards.

Therefore CONTI PROTECT Belt Rip Detection and CONTI PROTECT Splice Elongation Measurement achieve a high quality level, providing outstanding safety for conveyor belts.

Both systems of the CONTI PROTECT family will stop the conveyor belt in emergencies. Using a user-friendly 15-inch touch screen, easy interaction with the systems is provided. If needed, the CONTI PROTECT series can also be maintained worldwide via remote control by ContiTech’s experienced German engineers.

Key benefits of CONTI PROTECT Belt Rip Detection:

  • Stops the belt in emergencies
  • Detects longitudinal belt rips early
  • All kinds of sensor loops are detected
  • As many points of surveillance as desired are possible
  • Can be maintained worldwide via remote control
  • Installation by ContiTech engineers available