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SunRice wins Australian export award

The SunRice Group has won the Agribusiness, Food and Beverages Award at the 61st Australian Export Awards.

The award is in recognition of the organisation’s agricultural product’s international success.

SunRice Group CEO Paul Serra said it is a great achievement and will be celebrated right across the business and industry, from the paddy to the plate.

“As a global FMCG business and one of Australia’s leading value-added food exporters with a 70+ year heritage, our success is underpinned by our great people, our farmers who are amongst the best rice growers in the world, our valued customers and our ongoing commitment to research and development to maintain Australia’s global reputation as a leader in rice products,” he said.

“Although the Federal government’s recent legislation reintroducing water buy backs will present new challenges for our industry to remain globally competitive, we hope to be an exporter of premium rice products around the world for many years to come.”

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The group’s multi-marketing strategy allows it to source paddy rice from 12 different countries, including Australia.

“This strategy helps the SunRice Group to satisfy global demand for our products and manage increasing climate variability that creates supply challenges,” Serra said.

In Financial Year 2023, SunRice leveraged strong Australian rice crops to target new opportunities in drought-affected markets like the US and Europe. It also re-entered premium rice tender markets in Asia, including Japan and Korea.

“The resulting strong performance meant that Australian rice growers were paid a record naturally determined paddy price last year. This historic record is testament to the strength and provenance of the SunRice brand and the strong sales volumes achieved in premium destination markets,” Serra said.

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