TAKRAF’s engineering stacks up

ABHR talks to Pedro Beleigoli about how TAKRAF’s team of specialist engineers are helping bulk handlers get the most out of their balanced machines.

TAKRAF has been successfully providing balanced machines for the Australian market and has been expanding its after sales and service segment in an effort to provide services covering the entire lifecycle care of its clients’ machines.

TAKRAF offers after sales support and warehousing to its customers around Australia, with a dedicated aftermarket team.

From an initial assessment TAKRAF are able to provide a complete range of solutions including the actual implementation. One of the services portfolio focus is equipment upgrades and life extensions. Purchasing a new stacker, reclaimer or shiploader is a big investment and a lengthy process, which is why many mines and ports try to upgrade or extend the life of their existing equipment.

“Many times, we are faced with a challenge to increase production with the existing equipment or extend its lifetime – the clients want to get more out of what they already have.

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“Recently we were tasked to increase the capacity of a machine by more than 50 per cent of its original design, without sacrificing reliability. This process also involves functional safety assessment and identification of gaps between the existing equipment and latest Australian Standards recommendations to decrease operational risks.”

TAKRAF’s team of engineers are highly specialised in balanced machines, working closely with clients looking to improve, refurbish, upgrade, or maintain their stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders. 

Each team member has a career focus on designing bulk handling balanced machines, so they are well equipped to find solutions. “Summing up our team experience, we have more than 150 year’s know-how in balanced machines”.  

When the life of the equipment has really come to an end, TAKRAF is also helping client`s in the decommissioning process. It has recently successfully deconstructed three mobile machines in Australia.

“We put a lot of effort on designing engineered solutions to make the deconstruction process remarkably safe.”

Industry feedback has been positive, with customers reporting additional value added to their processes. 

Beleigoli said this is because TAKRAF, as a designer and supplier of balanced machines, understands the equipment to the last bolt while keeping a holistic overview. Their experience in balance machines design helps them find novel solutions to complex problems. 

Additionally, TAKRAF can provide clients with complete solutions, from design, procurement, installation to commissioning and supervision, adding value and confidence to its clients entire lifecycle care and maintenance process. 

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