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TECO motors and drives help revolutionise the sugar industry

The sugar industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards increased efficiency and sustainability with the integration of TECO high efficiency electric motors and variable speed drives.

The sugar industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards increased efficiency and sustainability with the integration of TECO high efficiency electric motors and variable speed drives.

Recognising the need to reduce energy consumption and enhance productivity, sugar manufacturers are turning to TECO‘s advanced motor technologies to optimise operations.

TECO electric motors are serving as the backbone of this evolution, powering high efficiency solutions within sugar processing plants.

TECO MAXe3 high efficiency electric motors, have been designed to minimise energy loss and maximise performance, delivering unparalleled efficiency. With True IP66 protection rating and Class H insulation system, TECO MAXe3 Mining Electric Motor is built to withstand harsh operating conditions. Equipped with superior inverter-rated insulation with a dV/dT rating of 8500 V/microsecond for optimal performance, TECO MAXe3 is made with precision and rugged cast iron construction including fan, ensuring durability in sugar environments.

By utilising TECO’s electric motors, sugar manufacturers are reducing energy costs and carbon emissions while improving overall operational efficiency.

In conjunction with electric motors, TECO’s variable speed drives (VSDs) are playing a pivotal role in enhancing control and precision within the sugar industry. TECO VSDs allow for the adjustment of motor speed to meet specific processing requirements, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear on machinery.

For instance, the TECO A510s variable speed drive offers superior machinery control with a dual-core processor, advanced connectivity, and 200 per cent starting torque for efficient low-speed operations. It features dual load ratings, integrated PLC and PID functions for precise control, and enhanced safety measures, including a fire override mode and a built-in filter for power quality, making it versatile for a wide range of applications. The A510s supports a variety of communication protocols, namely Profibus and Ethernet/IP, for integration with existing site DCS protocols.

Image: TECO Australia and New Zealand

The integration of TECO’s Variable Speed Drives with TECO Electric Motors provides the Australian Sugar industry with a comprehensive solution, optimising energy consumption and achieving maximum operational efficiency.

The transformative impact of TECO’s high efficiency electric motors and VSDs is already being seen in various applications within sugar processing plants, including:

Milling process optimisation: TECO’s VSDs are used to control mill rollers, reducing friction. This optimisation results in improved performance and increases overall extraction rates, leading to higher product yield and profitability.

Cane preparation: TECO’s high efficiency electric motors provide reliable power to cane preparation equipment such as shredders and crushers. Their efficiency and robust design ensure consistent performance and contribute to increased throughput, minimising downtime, and boosting productivity.

Pumps and fans: TECO’s high efficiency electric motors are employed in pumps and fans, crucial components of the sugar processing industry. These motors offer reliable and efficient operation, reducing energy consumption, lowering maintenance costs, and extending the lifespan of equipment.

By leveraging TECO’s high efficiency electric motors and VSDs, the sugar industry is experiencing a new era of sustainable and cost-effective production. These innovations are not only benefiting manufacturers but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for the entire industry.

TECO’s motors are engineered using environmentally friendly materials, ensuring compliance with international regulations and reducing the environmental impact associated with production and disposal.

We are thrilled to see our technology supporting sugar manufacturers in their mission to create more efficient and sustainable operations”, said Murray Butler, regional manager at TECO Queensland

TECO’s high efficiency electric motors and VSDs are designed to provide superior performance in various industries beyond sugar processing, including wastewater treatment, mining, and heavy industry.

For more information on TECO’s high efficiency electric motors and VSDs and their applications in the sugar industry, contact Murray Butler at

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