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Tecweigh gears up for an exciting 2024

The Australian manufacturer’s latest feeders are designed for weighing and dosing in the food, quarry and mining industries. 

Tecweigh is set for an exciting 2024 after intensive work to bring a new product to market and growth in new clientele throughout the year.

Melbourne-based Tecweigh has revealed its plans for next year, which is set to see new products arrive on the market to enhance productivity and efficiency.

The new product launch comes on the back of Tecweigh’s advancement in new markets, including grains and biomaterials.

ABHR interviewed Tecweigh’s business development manager, Barry Gamble, about the company’s plans for next year.

New markets

Bulk handling is often associated with the mineral resources industry, especially coal and quarrying.

These materials, alongside grain, account for nearly two-thirds of the world’s bulk trade, but lighter materials remain a significant market. Materials like sugar, rice and cocoa are among the final third of the world’s most traded bulk materials.

Gamble said Tecweigh had experienced growth in this area due to their wide range of versatile products.

“We have noticed website enquiries not so much from our traditional mines, quarries and aggregates customers but more so some exciting growth in new clients,” he said.

“We’re seeing an increased interest in conveying and weighing products with a much lower bulk density, such as dry food ingredients, grains, and biomaterials.

“And we have a pretty versatile range to accommodate that from conventional belt scales to lighter load options.”

Tecweigh has made a its reputation as a conventional belt scale manufacturer but has a wide range of products to suit bulk handling.

Gamble said the company’s WF18 Weigh Belt Feeder was ideal for businesses with lighter load options.

The Tecweigh S5A Volumetric Feeder functions as a Gravimetric Feeder when controlled by the TT20.

Future planning

The company has been working behind the scenes ahead of the launch of the TT20 Gravimetric Processor.

The TT20 controls Tecweigh’s range of auger feeders by analysing the scale base signal and optimising the auger delivery rate.

The TT20 has four modes of operation: loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight, loss-of-weight and controlled-weight-batching.

The maximum and minimum weights of the product in the hopper can be stored in the processor to trigger an automatic refill and then signal when the hopper is full.

The TT20 features a user-friendly human machine interface, allowing the operator to feed material accurately and consistently at desired rates and batch sizes; in addition, programmable logic controller protocols enable the controller to interface with a plant’s control system.

Gamble said the TT20 would be a great addition to Tecweigh’s existing range of products.

“We are close to launching our TT20 Gravimetric Processor, which will be an exciting addition for us coming into next year,” he said.

“The versatility of the four modes will help our customers optimise the auger delivery rates.

“We hope this helps our customers improve their productivity and efficiency.”

Australian benefits

The Australian manufacturer has produced a range of conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders and volumetric feeders for two decades from its Melbourne HQ.

The company has developed a presence in international markets, including China, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East, including coal loading projects.

Being based in Australia means Tecweigh can also offer local after-sales support.

The company maintains a significant inventory of conveyor belt scales, volumetric feeders, and weigh belt feeders. It also provides field service support and spare parts supply.

This allows the company to offer strong support for clients after purchase.

Tecweigh works with its clients to maintain the custom weighing machinery and ensure it remains in top condition.

“Custom designs are our standard. Whether it is chemicals, crushed stone, sand, coal, or materials that are low density, sticky, or abrasive, we specialise in building the equipment needed to weigh it accurately,” Gamble said.

“We do all our manufacturing in Carrum Downs, Melbourne, which gives us a fast response time.

“Our products are also designed for heavy-duty work and have been proven over time to be accurate in some of the world’s harshest environments.”

With more than 100 years of industry experience collectively among its employees, the company continues looking for innovations.

The team has been trained to deliver a tailored weighing solution and on-site service for complete support from planning to project delivery.

From humble beginnings, Tecweigh has built its bespoke business to provide weighing-in-motion solutions for industries nationally and internationally, with an exciting future to come.

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