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Tecweigh: measure twice, build once

Australian equipment manufacturer Tecweigh is partnering with bulk handling sites early in the design phase of new projects to ensure measurements remain accurate.

Australian equipment manufacturer Tecweigh is partnering with bulk handling sites early in the design phase of new projects to ensure measurements remain accurate.

The planning process is a crucial make-or-break period in the lifecycle of a bulk handling project. In these early stages, even some of the smallest decisions can have long-term effects on the productivity of the overall plant.

Weighing equipment is often chosen during these early stages of a project, which is why Australian equipment manufacturer Tecweigh aims to partner with bulk handlers as early as possible.

Barry Gamble, business development manager at Tecweigh, said getting involved during the planning process was crucial for process optimisation.

“Our team will work with a client to prepare a weighing solution that is custom-tailored to the site’s requirements,” he said.

“They can guide clients through our range of high-quality weighing-in-motion equipment and metering products.”

Founded in 1973, Tecweigh designs and builds equipment for bulk material handling. It can provide solutions for various industries, such as chemicals, crushed stone, sand and coal, and accurately measure sticky, low-density, or abrasive materials.

The company specialises in three product ranges – belt scales, weigh belt feeders and volumetric feeders.

Gamble said Tecweigh offers several models of weigh belt feeders that can be custom designed for almost any application.

“They have throughputs from 100kg per hour to more than 1000 tonnes per hour, with models ranging from medium to ultra-heavy duty for blending, loading or truck filling,” he said.

“We also use stainless steel, hermetically sealed IP68 load cells designed to provide accuracies of ± 0.5 or ± 0.25 per cent for our feeders and belt scales.

“The weigh idler systems have also been designed to be easy to calibrate and to provide consistent accuracy.”

Tecweigh can manufacture weigh belt feeders to specific lengths and widths from powdercoated mild steel or stainless steel to best fit the requirements of the application.

The company’s volumetric feeders feature an external agitation system that eliminates product degradation, rat-holing and bridging. The single auger design allows for uniform and accurate metering of the product. It includes minimal moving parts, and common wear parts can easily be replaced.

Available in three sizes, the volumetric feeders can accurately accommodate feed rates of up to 30,000 litres per hour. Typical applications provide around two to three per cent accuracy, given consistent material bulk density and flow characteristics.

All of Tecweigh’s manufacturing takes place at its facility in Carrum Downs, Melbourne. Gamble said this gives the company the ability to quickly respond to its customers and has insulated it from supply chain interruptions.

“We can normally deliver what the client needs within seven to 10 days for stock items,” he said. “We have built strong, long-lasting relationships with our own suppliers as well.

“Tecweigh also offers local after sales support and maintains a significant stock inventory for its conveyor belt scales, volumetric feeders, and weigh belt feeders.

“Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in providing bespoke bulk weighing solutions, and we’re excited to continue supporting the industry with accurate and dependable equipment.” 

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