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Thayer Scale enters Australian market

American-based manufacturer Thayer Scale plans to enter the Southeast Asian market, including Australia and New Zealand. ABHR talks to Desmond Anantharaj, the region’s new sales manager, to find out what the company can offer.

For 70 years, Thayer Scale has provided continuous weighing equipment for the bulk solids handling industry.

It began as a design, engineering and manufacturing company developing products such as the Flexure Suspension Scale, Bridge Breaker flow aid and Cable Suspension Scale for its customers in the Northern Hemisphere.

However, the Massachusetts-based company now plans to expand into the Southeast Asian region, including Australia and New Zealand. 

Desmond Anantharaj, the company’s new Regional Sales Manager – Southeast Asia, said Thayer Scale is focusing on bringing its conveyor belt scales for the mining industry to the new market.

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“We see belt-weighing and gravimetric feeding as critical, fundamental quality control processes central to manufacturing operations in plastics processing, food manufacturing, mining operations, blending operations, ship-loading operations, and many more markets,” he said.  

“The market will continue to migrate to higher levels of accuracy and repeatability requiring continued refinements to our core products. Many of our markets will require significantly enhanced sanitation and cleaning capability throughout their global manufacturing operations, requiring feeders that adhere to advanced sanitation standards.”

Thayer Scale manufactures precision-engineered weigh belt feeders, high accuracy gravimetric and volumetric feeders, material flow promotion aids, and custom-engineered process weighing solutions. 

Anantharaj said the company’s equipment is built to survive, with systems that are still running since they were installed more than 40 years ago.

“We are committed to delivering the highest quality products in the industry. From forest products, steel and biofuels to snack foods, chemicals and plastics, Thayer Scale offers continuous and batch weighing solutions that are engineered for maximum performance,” he said.

Each system undergoes a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and system-level tests to ensure they meet Thayer Scale’s quality. 

To aid in scale and conveyor design the company maintains a belt scale suspension testing Conveyor at its corporate headquarters. This test conveyor was originally designed to study the effects of changing conveyor parameters on the accuracy of a particular scale’s loading signal as well as to compare the long-term stability and reliability of speed measurements made at various locations within the conveyor. 

Currently it is used as an evolutionary development tool, where proposed design recommendations are simultaneously tested under identical conditions against existing configurations.

For weigh belt feeders and conveyor belt scales installed outdoors, extreme temperature swings can adversely affect their performance. 

Anantharaj said the operating temperature limits of a weigh sensor can only be accurately determined and compensated for, by applying it to a simulated installation and subjecting it to varying temperature ranges.

“In addition, to better assure customers of a successful installation of our products, an environmental test chamber, located within the Thayer Scale manufacturing facility, provides a means for temperature testing of load cells, scale suspension systems, instrumentation and entire weighing and feeding machines,” he said.

“This test chamber is equipped with special suspension loading ‘aids’ for use in the manufacturing process of the RF Belt Scale and MD and MDL Weigh Belts.”

The equipment has proven itself in vary mining conditions across the United States, and has been used in hot, humid regions of Indonesia.

Anantharaj said Thayer Scale is currently in communication with Australian distributors to help enter the market and is excited to bring its equipment down under.

“We offer an unmatched depth of experience in servicing and maintaining Thayer Scale equipment, and our service and support team helps our customers optimise the performance of every component of their equipment,” he said. 

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